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Ronald’s Journey – How to Get Back On the Exercise Train?

It’s me again – Ronald, your “brave hero” from the Health Journey!  Okay, maybe not a hero to all…or for that matter, any of you!  Some of you have asked, “Where have you been hiding, Ronald?”  Well, to discount the … Continue reading

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Ronald's Journey – Have Your Cake…

…and eat it too! When I heard about the “Healthy Holiday Pie and Cake Contest,” my first reaction was, cakes and pies aren’t supposed to be healthy!  But then, one of my very intelligent and logical co-workers informed me that … Continue reading

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Ronald's Journey – Is there ALWAYS Truth in Teasing?

My boss Jack, once told me, “Ronald – there is always truth in a little teasing…”  My boss is always right (but don’t tell him that)!  Remember my last blog post?  I was totally on the health journey and my doctor confirmed that.   Running, … Continue reading

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Ronald's Journey – CANCELLED

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: News flash RONALD’S HEALTH JOURNEY CANCELLED Cancelled due to EXTREME Health Makeover (Hendersonville, NC – October 30, 2009) -  Ronald’s health journey has been cancelled due to an extreme health makeover.  For the past 8 weeks, Ronald has eaten … Continue reading

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Ronald's Journey – The Inspiration!

Hello to all! This is my first blog post ever. Yes, ever! As some of you are aware of, I have started a health journey (those of you who know me are probably sceptical right now). But, stop with the … Continue reading

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