Meg’s Healthy DIY Family


Meg's story (in her own words): A few years ago when I first became pregnant, I left my typical processed-heavy diet behind and began to eat more “real” natural foods. Knowing that I was carrying a precious child inside of me really made me focus on my own health, and … [Read more...]

Together We Will Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners

You see them on reality TV all the time. The backstabbers, the trash talkers, the characters who are as nice as can be face-to-face, but downright nasty when it’s time to tell the truth. They just ooze fakeness and are often sickeningly sweet. You know the pink, yellow and … [Read more...]

Welcome to Earth Fare Dayton!


Nothing's going to rain on THIS parade! We are so thrilled to say hello to Dayton, OH! We'll be updating Facebook throughout the day, so click here to stay tuned for photos and more. Thanks to everyone who entered our contest, and congratulations to our winners: Maureen, … [Read more...]

Together We Will Eliminate Antibiotics & Synthetic Growth Hormones in our Fresh Meat & Dairy


Most of us know what growth hormones and antibiotics are - but why are they in our food? Much like artificial preservatives, antibiotics are often touted as being a safeguard for food-borne illnesses. But antibiotics can do more harm than good when they are given to livestock … [Read more...]