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Annie’s Homegrown + Pumpkin + Sage = YUMMY!

We were all skeptical when this recipe came across our desk to feature in our holiday flyer…box macaroni and cheese with pumpkin?! But as Annie’s Homegrown is a trusted vendor of our Earth Fare family, we thought we would give … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Farm…

Welcome to the Farm…the Idea Farm! Don’t be disappointed if there are no chickens roosting, strawberries growing or tractors plowing because this farm harvests a unique crop: our Team Member’s IDEAS! It is the place where our Team can submit … Continue reading

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Join us for the Good Olde Days!

Starting tonight, we’re taking it back to the Good Olde Days. Join us each Tuesday from 4:30 – 7:30pm for good food and good times at GREAT prices! Our special meals will be $7.99 with your favorite add-ons for just … Continue reading

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As Young As He Feels! Mike’s story…

Mike’s story (in his own words): I’m 65 and have never been overweight, but was diagnosed with high cholesterol when in my early 50s. My doctor put me on statins which lowered it to acceptable levels. About 5 years ago … Continue reading

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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Earth Fare Gave to Me…

…”TRUFFLES!” You’ve got a FREE box of Earth Fare Truffles coming your way – Enjoy! Click here for a printable B&W copy. Merry Christmas from Earth Fare! We’ll be updating our 12 Days of Christmas coupon every day, so be … Continue reading

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Fresh Fruits Can Help Fight Summer Trouble!

Well, it’s officially summertime! Thunderstorms in the afternoons, lightning bugs in the evenings, and oh, those summer nights.  While summer is a great season for playing outside, dehydration can sneak up on you. Just because you’re in the water doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seafood: The Sustainable Way

  No limits? Ever stand on the beach, look out into the ocean, and marvel at the infinite horizon?  Just because you can’t see the end of the ocean, does not mean that there is an endless supply of marine life … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Eat Healthy At School

Earth Fare’s Itty Bitty Bites Kids’ Healthy Meal What’s on your kid’s school lunch menu this week?  Probably not the freshest, healthiest options! And, if your kid is like most every other kid, then pizza or chicken nuggets trumps any … Continue reading

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Is the School Cafeteria Worse Than a Fast Food Restaurant?

Last week, Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) introduced the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (formerly known as the Child Nutrition Act), which proposes a $4.5 billion increase over the next 10 years for school lunches and other nutrition programs.  This … Continue reading

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Boot Artificial Color and Treat ADHD with Jessica!

Success on the Health Journey Jessica’s Story (in her own words): We just wanted to say thank you! We heard about and signed up for your pantry makeover. We love what you are doing — trading in “bad foods” for … Continue reading

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