Together We Will…Eliminate Artificial Flavors!

Bottle of perfume

Adding artificial flavors to food just sounds...well, silly. Don’t you think? Food, by its nature, is FILLED with flavor. The only reason to add an artificial flavor would be if the ingredient you want to taste isn't in the food. Adding artificial flavors to food tricks the … [Read more...]

Make like a banana and SPLIT with this recipe!

Banana Split

The banana split is a classic dessert that’s as American as baseball and baked beans. And what’s more, they’re delicious any time of the year! But traditional banana splits have enough calories to make you afraid to step on the scale afterwards. Have no fear! There are plenty … [Read more...]

Coosaw Farms – Earth Fare Family Producers

We'd like to introduce you to Angela and Brad, the brother and sister behind Coosaw Farms in Fairfax, SC. Watch the video to learn more about their farm, their history, and their blueberries!  Coosaw Farms - Earth Fare Family Producers from Earth Fare on Vimeo. And … [Read more...]