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Ferne’s Dial-a-Meatloaf

I really wanted to make meatloaf for dinner, and I had to learn on my own. I got the phone book out and called someone I didn’t know. A woman answered, and I asked her how to cook meatloaf. Continue reading

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Make It Your Own: Dressing Up Prepared Food

When you’re short handed, it’s just smart to buy some time by grabbing something like this shrimp ring or any of Earth Fare’s prepared foods. But no one need know you’re store-bought secret. Instead of setting out your offering in its original packaging, personalize it. This isn’t a short cut; it’s a clever cut. Continue reading

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Connecting Thrive Farmers with Earth Fare

Both Earth Fare and Thrive Farmers are all about being as close to the ground as we can get. Watch this video and learn how Thrive connects the farmers directly to the customer, with no middle men. That gives a … Continue reading

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Kool Salad: A chicken coleslaw salad recipe

Coleslaw. Maybe you thought the word was just a derivation of “cold slaw.” Not the case! It’s actually from the Dutch “kool sla” or “koolsalade.” Kool means cabbage, and sla means salad. See?

We whipped up a fast dish that takes the kool stuff to the next level. Enjoy! Continue reading

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End of Summer Cilantro-Lime Corn

We’re well into the dog days, and nothing pairs better with that long-shadowed transition out of summer than a side of corn. We’ve got a zesty cilantro-lime recipe that will compliment your favorite grilled entrée. Enjoy! Continue reading

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“yum. yum. good. good.”

Got a hankerin’ for something yummy and good for lunch? Earth Fare has a new sandwich and pizza shop that will satisfy your lunch craving: Home Sliced! Enjoy the video below - it may not be “Rapper’s Delight,” but we’re sure having … Continue reading

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Did you know…

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Garden Pizza Pinwheels! Yum!

As seen on Making It Grow, here’s our recipe for Garden Pizza Pinwheels! Ingredients: 1 pre-made pizza dough ball, thawed 1 cup ricotta cheese 2-4 oz. prosciutto, thinly sliced 1 cup fresh basil leaves 1 garlic clove, minced 3 cups … Continue reading

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Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

Ingredients: 4 portabella mushrooms, stems chopped, caps whole 1 red pepper, sliced ½ red onion, sliced 1 cup baby spinach 4 slices of provolone extra virgin olive oil salt pepper Directions: Lightly coat the bottom of a large skillet with … Continue reading

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It’s Hot! Cool Down with this Watermelon Granita

As the temperature rises, you’ll need something to help you beat that heat. Try making this watermelon granita! What’s a granita you may ask? It’s just a fancy word for a yummy, fruitastic slushy! Ingredients: ½ watermelon, rind removed and … Continue reading

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