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Shake that Tomato-Bank-point-maker in the End Zone

Forget scoring 6 points for a touchdown, this week (1/28/13 – 2/3/13) Tomato Bankers can score 50 points for an End Zone celebration! Continue reading

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Story Winner: Dinner Swimmer

The country I lived in was poor, and the food was hard to get. We used to stand in lines for hours to get basic foods. So to get the traditional carp for Christmas Eve you had to jump some hoops, use your friendships and connections… Continue reading

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Turkey, You So Funny

The turkey joke entries that we did get did not disappoint. We giggled, chortled, snorted, and guffawed all the way through them. Continue reading

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Why did the tofurky run across the road?

To prove he wasn’t a chicken! Know any good turkey jokes? Even a good tofurky riddle will do. We want to laugh – and we mean roll-on-the-ground, belly-aching, crying-so-hard-we-can-hardly-breath laugh! Tell us your best turkey (or tofurky) joke. The one … Continue reading

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Spot the Tomato: Trouble with the Curve

You may have seen something a bit familiar on the field during some of the scenes of Clint’s newest flick, Trouble with the Curve. If you did a double take and asked yourself – “Was that the Earth Fare logo I just saw,”- the answer is YES! Continue reading

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Lewis, mah-man… Thank you!

Sometimes our Facebook pals make us laugh. Sometimes they have awesome ideas. Sometimes they do both. Here’s to you, Lewis! We’ll send more of those “$5 For Err-Thang” deals your way. And we’re working on ways to make the Food … Continue reading

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Ferne’s Dial-a-Meatloaf

I really wanted to make meatloaf for dinner, and I had to learn on my own. I got the phone book out and called someone I didn’t know. A woman answered, and I asked her how to cook meatloaf. Continue reading

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Tell Us Your Home Team – For The Win!

Check out all of these store displays and tell us in the comments who has the most home-team pride. We particularly like the stores that play host to all sides of some deep-seated rivalries. So shrewd! Continue reading

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Who’s Your Home Team? Win $50!

We can’t hear “gridiron” without thinking “griddle.” That’s what happens when we play word association with our stomachs. Maybe because of that, we’re raising the stakes for both your go-to gridiron heroes and your griddle. Continue reading

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Natalie’s See Food

In the July Flyer, we asked readers to “What is the strangest thing you ever ate while on vacation?” The winning entry came from Natalie in Montgomery, Alabama. Here is Natalie’s story, in her own words… Continue reading

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