Make It Your Own: Dressing Up Prepared Food

Shrimp DishThis week’s Welcome Home deal is a $2 Coconut Shrimp Ring (9/19-9/23/12), which is a delicious start to what could be a wowing party platter.

When you’re short handed, it’s just smart to buy some time by grabbing something like this shrimp ring or any of Earth Fare’s prepared foods. But no one need know you’re store-bought secret. Instead of setting out your offering in its original packaging, personalize it. This isn’t a short cut; it’s a clever cut.

Tips for dressing up store-bought food:

New digs: Relocate that shrimp, salad or dessert onto a  plate, bowl, or platter deserving of its deliciousness. Pro tip: If it’s a casserole or hot dip, pop the whole thing in the oven just long enough for the top to heat and fully conform to its dish.

Garnish: Depending on the flavors of the dish, add in some fresh herbs, or a carved carrot flower, or a bed of julienned peppers, or a peppering of snow peas. That little bit of color won’t just make it prettier, it will make it taste better.

Sauce it: Whip up a complimenting sauce and drizzle it around the dish or offer it on the side in a ramekin. In the case of this week’s Coconut Shrimp, try mixing ¼ cup orange marmalade, 2 tablespoons of Thai sweet chili sauce and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. This Spicy Orange Sauce is sure to set things off!


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One Response to Make It Your Own: Dressing Up Prepared Food

  1. Elaine Dusky says:

    The coconut shrimp deal was excellent and delicious. The price of a slice of pizza increased to $3.49…while the pizze was delicious, I would not pay that price.

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