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In the July Flyer, we asked readers to “What is the strangest thing you ever ate while on vacation?” The winning entry came from Natalie in Montgomery, Alabama. Here is Natalie’s story, in her own words…

You tell us your funniest holiday memory!The strangest thing I have eaten while on vacation was a fried fish eyeball. I was visiting my brother and his wife while vacationing in Melbourne, Fl.

My sister-in-law is from Thailand and always makes Thai cuisine for us when we visit. While making her famous fish head soup (which is strange in itself), she decided to fry up some fish eyes.

I have to say that they really don’t have a taste and the pupil is a little hard (gross I know). I am never afraid to try something once, but this is one of those “snacks” that I will not be trying again.

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Natalie won a $100 Earth Fare gift card for being the winning entry! To find out how to enter this month’s “You tell us…” contest, pick up a copy of the September’s sales flyer at your local Earth Fare.

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One Response to Natalie’s See Food

  1. JoAnne Maloney says:

    My new favorite fair food is a “pickle on a stick”. I discovered the joy of eating the pickle on a stick after spending several hours walking around our local fair looking for a healthy treat only to find mostly fried, unhealthy choices. I enjoyed my pickle and the best part was, I didn’t feel sick to my stomach from eating greasy, fried food.

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