Sarah’s Healthy Journey

Sarah’s story (in her own words…)

Some people take medication to help them through difficulties in life. In my case, I became an overeater after the loss of several family members.

My weight climbed, and I became more and more sedentary. Eventually, I was no longer able to move easily because of my weight. I became exhausted with any exercise, and that caused me to become even more sedentary. Soon, I ballooned up, and stopped caring altogether. In fact, looking at myself in the mirror depressed me, so I stopped doing much of that too. Before Earth Fare came to town, I weighed 190 pounds, give or take. The problem is that I’m only 5’1”!

My doctor, after diagnosing me with various weight-related disorders, warned me to lose weight. I joined a very famous weight loss program, but it didn’t work for me because I compared myself to others I saw losing weight, and became discouraged. Then I joined an excellent weight loss program offered by my health insurance carrier. It too caused me to feel pressure as I saw others losing weight, so I overate to overcome the anxiety.

One day Earth Fare opened a store in Tallahassee. To be honest, sheer curiosity took me there. However, soon I was visiting regularly. I began to sit in their coffee shop and enjoy their decaffeinated organic coffee. In fact, I read books there as I enjoyed their coffee. The environment is wonderful. You can sit there for hours enjoying a cup of coffee and it’s a pleasure!

I also began to take advantage of the free items they offer with a purchase of $5 or $10, and buy a few Earth Fare brand products. One day I tried samples of their food bar and had dinner there. Eventually I began to enjoy their food bar regularly. I figured it was incredibly delicious, and healthy, so it couldn’t hurt. Earth Fare had become a hangout for me.

As I frequented Earth Fare, and saw all those people purchasing healthy items, it infected me with the idea of getting healthy. I figured that if I was going to spend the rest of my life fat, I may as well be fat and healthy, rather than fat and unhealthy, right? So I made a plan to buy natural and organic foods there and just forget about my weight altogether. “No more worrying about weight,” I told myself. “Just get healthy.”

Soon, I was buying practically everything I ate from Earth Fare and it wasn’t costing me any more than buying from local supermarkets.

Long story short: After making Earth Fare my daily visit, and focusing on eating healthy, rather than on losing weight, I began to feel stronger. And surprise – my clothes began to feel loose on me. I was shocked.

As I lost weight, I began to feel more energetic and can now exercise. Today, I weighed myself and am at 170, with no effort. A 20 lb. loss! That’s huge for someone who couldn’t lose weight—only gain. No one is more shocked than I am.

I’m so grateful that Earth Fare opened a store here!! And of course I still hang out there. Seeing and talking to people with a health goals there helps me. The place has caused me to lose weight, and I’m not about to give that up for anything! My goal now is to lose 30 more lbs., and now I know I can do it.

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3 Responses to Sarah’s Healthy Journey

  1. Stephanie says:

    I really enjoy visiting the EarthFare location in Martinez Ga whenever I go visit my mom and sister. I currently live in Pensacola FL. We have a small co-op here, but it does not compare to Earthfare’s large variety of produce and items available. I really wish you would consider opening an EarthFare in this area even if it were somewhere close in the vicinity.

  2. Twila says:

    I was just at Earth Fare for lunch and wi fi was not working :(

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