Heroes Weekend Winner

Our Burgers for Bucks: Heroes Weekend was a blast! It was nice to see so many happy servicemen and women enjoying their free burgers, as well as all the customers who came out to support them.

Thanks to all who submitted photos from the event – it was a tough decision, but we chose Maggie P. from our Dayton, Ohio store as the winner of a new Weber grill. Congratulations Maggie!

Heroes Weekend Winner

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11 Responses to Heroes Weekend Winner

  1. Erika W says:

    I am very dissapointed that earth fare is removing some of the best and favorite bakery items from the menu. The lemon blueberry and rasberry bars are fast sellers in the agususta store so it makes no sense that they would remove these and other popular items just because some of the other Earthfare’s don’t carry them. Having different items that are unique to each store is an advantage.

  2. Maggie says:

    We had a great time! Thanks, Earth Fare!

  3. donna goodsmith says:

    does earthfare sell ezkiel bread

  4. Sharon says:

    I have found out from our two Knoxville Earth Fare stores that you have discontinued the Ratatouille burgers. I am a vegetarian and I love these – buy them every chance I get. Can you PLEASE bring them back? Or if you cannot bring them back, could you publish the recipe so I can make them? I miss them!

    • earthfare says:

      Hi Sharon – we are planning on bringing them back. Some of our deli case items will be in a seasonal-type rotation from now on.

      • Sharon says:

        Oh, thank you. PLEASE bring them back soon. I have tried to make them and have not been successful yet. I guess when you do get them in, if they are seasonal, I will have to buy all of them and freeze them for the rest of the year!! They are amazing!

  5. Julie Sackett says:

    I have enjoyed the new Dayton, Ohio store! And I love the deli and items in the deli like tabbouli and blackened mock chicken salad and kale salad and… Recently, the deli went through a dramatic “make-over” and now appears to be very similar to an average midwest grocery store with macaroni mayonnaise salad and large pieces of preserved meat lined up behind glass. What happened? Maybe that is what Dayton, Ohio wishes to have? I hope not… Also, the baked goods appear to have changed to midwest mainstream a bit with fewer vegan options. I hope this is just a temporary trial?

    • earthfare says:

      Hi Julie – We’re still adjusting to our new deli program and currently reviewing feedback so we can make some adjustments. Thanks for your feedback – it’s an important part of the process!

  6. anita says:

    Can u please provide the recipe for your delicious ratatouille burgers?

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