Welcome to Birmingham!

The ribbon is cut, the doors are open, and the Earth Fare Team is ready to greet Birmingham with open arms! We are so excited to say “Hello!” to Birmingham, our 27th store. We’ll be updating Facebook throughout the day, so click here to stay tuned for photos and more.

Birmingham store front

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest, and congratulations to our winners:

Laurie L., Janet S., Erin S., Laura C., and Tish

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8 Responses to Welcome to Birmingham!

  1. Renee Boyd says:

    Welcome to Birmingham – Hoover, Al. Can’t wait to come see everything. Dropped by this weekend before the doors opened.

    Glad to have you in Hoover!

  2. Tish says:

    Thank you so much. The store looked fantastic and the staff were all so friendly :) It was a great experience and I look forward to shopping there often :)

  3. Erin Schall says:

    A hearty thank you from one of your winners! My husband and mother were both in the store yesterday and loved it! We’re all coming together on the weekend – I guess I just ask someone how to redeem the gift when we get there?

  4. Liz Harkness says:

    I’m so happy to have this store in this area! We have special diets and Earth Fare is perfect! Thanks for coming to Hoover!

  5. Raefriendless says:

    Recent visit to store in Hoover, al. The store was very cluttered with dollie carts that had empty boxes. Some shelves difficult to get to because of unnecessary stuff in front. Some employees were very nice except for the one by the checkout at the cookout area. She was not helpful to move empty boxes out of the way and not customer friendly. May come back again for second chance. Staff needs training. Burger was good!

    • earthfare says:

      Thanks for visiting our new store and sending your feedback. I’ve already gotten in touch with the store manager so these issues can be addressed. We would love for you to give us a second chance!

  6. TMM says:

    Now, come to Mobile!

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