Text EAT to 71700

Do you love deals? Do you love your mobile phone? Then we’ve got a feeling you’re going to be pretty excited about Feed Your Phone launching January 11, 2012!

Feed Your Phone is the newest way to get coupons and deals from Earth Fare. No computer or printer necessary—these coupons are short, sweet and delivered directly to your phone!

Signing up is easy:
1. Text the word “EAT” to 71700
2. Watch the deals roll in
That’s all there is to it! For signing up you will receive you first text coupon: $5 off a $25 purchase!

You can also sign up on your computer by going to http://EarthFare.com/EAT –but you’ll need a cell phone to receive coupons. Earth Fare doesn’t charge to send you these coupons, but standard messaging rates from your mobile provider may apply.

We hope you’re as excited about these new coupons as we are! Is your phone hungry for deals? What do you want Earth Fare to Feed Your Phone?


  1. Eric says

    Curious about this.. Will likely do it, but wanted to know how you are administering the program. Is it via a third party or has EF developed something internally to send these text coupons out? Primarily I am worried about my cell phone number getting put in some database where other companies have access to it and then having to deal with text message spam.

      • Jesse says

        I am running into an issue with spam text ever since I signed up for the coupons. It only started after I signed up and it is soooo annoying!!! Each message provides a way to unsubscribe by replying “Stop”. I reply stop every time but still consistently get spam at least every other day. I am over it. Is there documentation from Earthfare or sumotext that outlines their privacy policy for this text service and or ways to opt out or minimize the potential for text spam?

      • Michael russell says

        I have also started receiving text message spam since I signed up for this using my phone. I’ve never received a spam message before but I’ve gotten several after signing up for this.

  2. says

    I had to do this online because for some reason my phone won’t send the text??? I still haven’t received an email and it has been like an hour… I really wanted to go shopping with it today. :(

  3. Maria says

    I am so frustrated that these are just text messaging coupons! I have mine turned off to save $$. (Which is also why I need the coupons!) They could be e-mailed, and people could use tablet devices to display the mobile coupon, or jot down a PLU at the bottom of their grocery list.. It would still be environmentally friendly.
    I know you do other coupons….but it sure has been a long time since I’ve seen one this good. This does leave an awful lot of people out. It shouldn’t cost money to get coupons…

    • brittney says

      Most people have flexibility in their texting plan so 8 text messages a month from earthfare isn’t really costing anything. I don’t use as many text messages as I my plan is using and I have the smallest plan.

  4. David says

    To Mary you state “Sorry Mary! We’re not changing our old program. We’re just adding to it! There will still be Welcome Home coupons too.” But the “additions” exclude a bunch of customers. What is up?

  5. Cee says

    Will my coupon that expires tomorrow for the $10 off $25 expire at the End of the day or if I wait till tomorrow to go to the store will I be able to use it?

  6. TC says

    Don’t have a cell.. so guess I’m excluded… always looked forward to the coupons though.. hope you’ll continue with the emailed ones online.. they got us to the store more often.. haha

  7. deb says

    hmmm it appears my phone doesn’t work with short codes which is why it isnt working for lots of others as well. i feel that im being penalized. to be “fair” Earth “fare’ cant u email a $10 off for us?

    • says

      Thank you for sending us your thoughts. We try to vary our programs as much as possible so that everyone can have access to coupons. Yes, we are launching a new texting program, but we still plan to send out email coupons on a regular basis. The coupons will differ from text and email. Also, our printable coupons will still be available online http://www.earthfare.com/YourSavings.aspx and there will still be coupon books in the store! We are just creating another way for people to access to coupons, our intentions are not to exclude.

  8. Kristi says

    I am new to text coupons. I texted EAT to the number provided and I received a text back stating that I should enjoy $10 of of my next $25 purchase. Do I need to just show that text to the cashier? Or am I waiting for something else to be sent by text or e mail?

  9. Linda says

    when i send the text to 71700 i get a response that says” unable to send message- message blocking is active” however i can send and recieve messages to anyone else anytime.

    • says

      Do you have a signature on your text? If so, try removing it. If you have a pre-pay phone or limited txt messaging, you may need to contact your provider and ask to be able to communicate with short codes. There are a few providers that will not work with short codes :(
      If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at information@earthfare.com and we’ll see what we can do!

  10. Becky says

    Is there a way to search for products? I’m trying to find flavored Stevia and was told Earth Fare will probably have them. Also, Braggs Amino’s – I hear that is a good thing to use for health and for dieting. I’m excited about the Welcome Home and Feed Your Phone coupons!

    • says

      The best way to search is to call your local store and ask one of our employees to help you. But I can tell you that we do carry flavored Stevia and we also have Braggs! Hope to see you soon!

  11. Weedy Weidenthal says

    My Marketing 301 professor just used Earth Fare as an example of a store that produces excellent customer service, markets well, and is a great company. He mentioned how much he likes the text coupons. It was pretty neat to help spread the word in my marketing class of 50 people.

  12. teresa says

    I text eat and it sent my confirmation but never sent my coupon. I showed the store office my text and was told to email earthfare with the problem but I have never got a reply.

  13. Gina says

    Sad, I signed up for the text coupons and it gives me a $10.00 off coupon that expires tomorrow. Too bad I’m working.

  14. Michelle Fisher says

    I just signed up and I wish it would say that the coupon is only good for one day before signing up. I do a lot of shopping at Earth Fare but I can’t drop everything to just show up the next day.

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