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Rachel's story!Since I graduated from college a few years ago, my health and the food I put in my mouth have become increasingly important issues to me. I became a vegan over a year and a half ago for numerous reasons, including health. I started eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, and other non-processed food, and I preached the benefits of whole foods and organic/local produce.

I realized, however, upon reading Michael Pollen’s books, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food,” that what I was saying and what I was doing were not matching up. I often ended up grabbing the cheaper food rather than the organic food, opting for convenience rather than sustainability.

One of Pollen’s messages was that we spend less on food and more on healthcare, and I realized that I may be spending more on food at the moment, but in the long run, I would be benefiting myself, my community, and the world.

When a new Earth Fare opened up in my neighborhood, I started shopping there, and I’ve finally started living up to what I believe. I no longer say one thing and do another. I’ve been eating organic and as locally as possible for almost a year, and I have enjoyed every second.

I know my power as a consumer is having a positive effect on my community, and I continue to encourage my friends and neighbors to support whole foods movements, organic brands, and local farmers’ markets as a way to enrich their health and our community’s health!

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  1. Ella Baker says:

    The European Union and the United States have strong disagreements over the EU’s regulation of genetically modified food. The US claims these regulations violate free trade agreements, the EU counter-position is that free trade is not truly free without informed consent.

  2. Hi. I totally agree with what you said about spending more money on food right now and hopefully less on health care later in life. I have been doing my best to teach my kids about organic food and the benefits of living an organic lifestyle. I also started a blog over the summer focusing on the same things. I would love it if you could check out my blog whenever you have some time. Take care and let’s keep supporting local & organic farms!!!

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