Healthy Food, Healthy Baby! Amy’s Story

Amy’s story (in her own words):

Abigial Faith was born August 6, 2010.

She was a gorgeous, healthy baby girl at 7lbs 4oz. But then she was jaundice with no reason to be. Abigail was born a few days after her due date, a completely natural birth with a midwife. She was even on home light therapy for the jaundice for a week. During this time she was also constipated. As a breastfed baby she should have been very regular.

By one month she was very gassy, constipated often and had awful baby acne covering her face and ears. Eczema spots were on her arms. She had a rash spreading down her torso. After finding a chiropractor that specializes in nutrition consultation, I found that she was very sensitive to dairy and corn in my breastmilk.

What I was eating was bothering her.

The Doctor explained that her liver could not handle all the toxins in her system. That is why she was jaundice early on. Her liver was already stressed. When your liver is stressed you will see it in your skin. Your liver acts as a filter for toxins in your body. I went home and threw out my NON-dairy coffee creamer that had casein(from dairy) and lots of corn syrup.

I cut all dairy, which I had done from early on I thought because she also had reflux that I knew was from dairy. I got rid of all corn. Wow! Corn syrup is in alot of products. I thought we ate pretty healthy already. The Doctor told me not to focus on what I could not have but what I could have.

I tried to just focus on eating more fruits, veggies and meats. In just 5 DAYS Abigail’s skin cleared COMPLETELY! She was a gorgeous baby girl again. The roughness was gone, the acne was gone, the rash was GONE! It took longer for her system to straighten out with her constipation. But, I am a believer in clean eating.

Abigail has changed our family in many wonderful ways. At almost 11 months I still can’t have dairy without her spitting up. She is doing so well now.

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3 Responses to Healthy Food, Healthy Baby! Amy’s Story

  1. scott lamb says:

    I spend $50.00 to 100.00/ wk at my local earthfare store. I believe that for each time that I shop at EF that I should be eligible to enter the contest @ EFCares for the $250.00 drawing… How does that work? I could shop elsewhere I suppose, but there isn’t much around Boone. However, Bare Essentials does have more local produce than your store. Thnx, Scott Lamb

  2. Deanna W says:

    I had the very same situation with my son when he was born. Not only did he have Jaundice, his lungs and heart was not working as they should (he was a c-section baby) and was in the NICU for 4 days. My breastmilk did not come in for a few weeks, so I did what I could and supplement with formula. Formula as corn syrup – pedi insisted it was not a diary or corn thing. Upon much research, all of his symptoms (spitting up, gassiness, eczema, rashes) pointed to dairy and corn sensitivity. Daddy had corn sensitivity when he was a baby. After 12 months, everything went away. I started yogurt snacks and some milk. My son is almost 2 yrs now, he is still in the 98% in height and weight (not big, just solid) but he still doesn’t “love” milk or dairy products. I believe in corn syrup free, hormone free and free of any gmo’s in our food products. Our bodies did not need them a thousand years ago, I don’t believe they need them now. We recently moved to the Augusta, GA area and we discovered EF! WE LOVE IT!!! Our son drinks milke ONLY from EF!!! It’s a bit more expensive, but well worth it if he drinks his milk!!!

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