Attention Dayton: Win a $50 Shopping Spree!

Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket, is opening our 24th store in Centerville, OH on October 19, 2011!

We are excited to be opening in the Dayton neighborhood, and want to share that excitement with YOU! That’s why we’re giving away FIVE $50 Earth Fare gift cards to FIVE lucky community members.

Come on, who couldn’t use the extra $50 to help with groceries? Plus, it’s your chance to try all of Earth Fare’s healthy and delicious offerings for FREE!

Entering is simple: tell us why you want to win a $50 gift card to Earth Fare, and how you would use the gift card to make your family healthier!

Leave your answer below in our Comments Section, and you might just be one of the five lucky winners. Please note that special consideration will be given to scrumptiously creative entries (or should we say “entrees?”). Only those who are able to pick up their gift cards at Earth Fare Dayton on October 19-22 are eligible.

Good luck!

Contest Details:
– Submit your entry by commenting on this blog post.
– Enter submissions from today until 5:00 pm EST on Sunday, October 16, 2011. Winners will be notified by email on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.
– Eligibility: Winners must reside in the greater Dayton, OH area and be available to pick up the gift card in our new store in person between October 19 and 22, 2011.


  1. Karen McGill says

    New to Dayton is the store, Earth Fare.
    What will I find if I shop there?
    Food that is healthy for everyone’s plate,
    No fake ingredients–all is first rate!
    There are bulk foods, organics, and –for Fido–a treat,
    Products quite local and no-hormone meat,
    Juice, grains, and honey–simple and pure,
    Sweet oils and make-up for that special allure.
    Weekly on Thursday, the family can dine.
    Kids eat free! Won’t that be fine?
    “Eat better, live longer, spend less.” It is true
    Earth Fare’s the healthy choice for both me and you.
    I’ve written this poem though I’m not a bard.
    I hope I’m a winner of an Earth Fare card!

  2. Maureen says

    My last day of chemotherapy will be October 20th!!! My sister and I plan to celebrate with a visit to the new Earth Fare in Centerville. Over the past six months of a very difficult course of therapy, I have researched and put into practice some tips for healthier living. However, it has been difficult finding local resources to support a new lifestyle of healthier living…enter Earth Fare!!! The $50 gift certificate would be an awesome addition to my celebration next week and help me get off on the right foot for my post-chemo living! Thank you and welcome to Dayton!!!

  3. Kalah says

    I am so excited for Earth Fare To be opening! I am on a journey to a more healthy lifestyle. I have a son who is about to turn one and a husband, my goal is to feed them as healthy as possible, without being boring! I don’t have a lot of time to plan meals or shop because I’m not only a mom, and a wife, I am also a nurse and a student! Earth fare is no more than 5 mins from my house so it’s going to be easy to swing by and pick up some healthy ingredients for dinner!!!

  4. Shanna Alvarez says

    I love to cook organically and cannot wait to have a terrific shopping experience right around the corner from me to enjoy! I have several family members within my household who have health issues so I try very hard to cook organically as much as possible. Welcome to Centerville Earth Fare I am so glad you are here!

  5. Cortney says

    I have been working hard over the past few months to slowly convert my families budget into purchasing healthy organic food. It is a big change to the grocery bill but this gift card would help tremendously!!! My son has food allergies so we are working on getting him on less processed food and hoping this will help!!

  6. Kimberly Waugh says

    I am so excited to be able to go to a store and not have to read every label because, I know that what I don’t want in my food, won’t be there.

  7. Lisa Rooth says

    We moved here with the military a year ago from Germany. We really miss the organic selections available everywhere there. My son is allergic to just about everything they put in packaged food these days. I really struggle at the local supermarket to read labels that I can understand praying that its nothing he is allergic to. organics make it plain and simple and easy to feed my kids something healthy and the peace of mind knowing whats actually in it. This market is what we have been praying for since we moved here. thanks you so much for opeing int he Dayton area. I will SOOOO be there opening day with a smile on my face=)

  8. Barb says

    I would love a $50 gift card to Earth Fare because I love food! I love free food even more! I love free, healthy food the most! I would prepare my free, healthy food with all of the love in my heart for my darling children. Then I would enjoy every second of them complaining about how they don’t like it while I savor every bite.

  9. Denise Taylor says

    Living with a budget, so $50 extra dollars in healthy food would make less stress which equals less binge eating. Lol. I’m sooooo excited!

  10. Saffa Al-Hamdani says

    This could of not come at a more perfect time!! I live DIRECTLY across the street from this store, for weeks i have been wondering what it was going to be. When i found out it was a health food store i was worried at first because i have never really gone to one. So i went on this site and learned so much about the food i am eating and how it is no where near as healthy as i thought. I am so excited that i can finally walk across the street and get dinner instead of eating fast food. My family has a long battle with diabetes and i am at very high risk. I am 22 and eating healthy was never something i thought about til recently when my weight and lifestyle became an issue. i hope with this gift card (if chosen) could help me start off a healthy new life style. two weeks ago i decided to become vegetarian, and i am excited for a store with real healthy options. I am so excited for the opening and i will definitely see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pixie says

    I want to win because I drive 45- 55 minutes to Dayton 1-2 times a month or more to shop at grocery stores with healthier options! That is the effort I make for my family to eat better and it certainly comes with a GAS price tag! I love to cook nutritious meals for my family and $50 GC would help me get acquainted with the new store! <3

  12. Granmasu says

    Participating with more than 9,000 in the Dayton, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, brought focus to the need to eat and live healthier. Thank you EARTH FARE for coming to Centerville

  13. Marcia says

    I have been looking to the Grand Opening of Earth Fare ever since I read the announcement in the paper. I will no longer have to go to Cincinnati to find a large variety of organic wholesome foods. I have already printed out a selection of coupons from the website and plan to be there opening day!!! I will use the gift card to replinish the pantry, fridge with food and products to improve my family health!

  14. Marlene says

    I’m so glad that there will be a natural foods supermarket in the area. I love shopping the smaller natural food stores, but I can’t always find everything I need at the smaller stores. I am so happy to have options.

  15. Michael says

    Without a natural foods supermarket in the area it has been hard to find things like natural meats, or when you do find them they are outrageous. I don’t mind paying more for better more healthy foods for my family, but it still needs to be in my budget. I would use the $50 gift card to feed my family the most natural and organic foods I can.

  16. Chris D. says

    I am a sugar fiend and when I’m around my family tends to eat a wee bit less than healthy. I would use this gift card to try and kick the habit of cooking more unhealthy meals and working with more organic foods. As the saying goes ” A lion a day keeps the doctor away.” Sorry, I’m on a lion metaphor kick. Please help me!

  17. Natalie Vincent says

    I am so looking forward to having another option for buying healthy food other than DLM and their prices. I like to support local but not if it makes me go broke. I am new to organic eating and am loving how much healthier I feel now. I would love to win it the gift card to help a one income couple (while I attend college full time) afford some extra groceries. Thanks fro coming to Dayton!

  18. RnN says

    The easiest way to mess up your body is to put awful foods in it, thats why Earth Fare is so exciting! Nothing awful..So excited I won’t have to drive all the way to down to a certain store in Mason everytime I want the good stuff!

  19. Kristi says

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this afternoon and my natural plan of care needs to include more raw, and less gluten and sugar. It’s awesome to know there is a store nearby that is high in quality and flavor, but not high in price!
    And now a little haiku:
    Inexpensive food
    Local, organic, tasty
    We welcome Earth Fare!

  20. JanB says

    I’ve looked forward to this grand opening and now it’s here. Since I was let go from my job to do lack of work winning a gift card would make it easier for me to purchase the heathy food my husband and I enjoy eating. So glad you’re here!

  21. Sarah says

    I am an employee of one of your Cross Pointe neighbors, and we are so excited to have you in the ‘hood! As a mom, I am am always looking for new ideas to get healthy food into my VERY picky eater. My mom has enjoyed your Mt Pleasant, SC location for years, and I am happy I get to join in the food. Welcome, Earth Fare!

  22. Tim says

    If I am chosen to win a gift card I will use it to buy non perishable food stuffs to donate to the Blue Star Mother .
    They will then take the items and include then in care packages for our troops overseas.
    I am fortunate enough to be able to provide for myself but would love to win the card and make some of the courageous members of our military feel a little more connected to home.
    Thank you

  23. Kristin says

    I have always tried to by the freshest and locally grown foods and frequent the the local farmer’s markets, but since losing my job, we are finding it harder to make ends meet. We may buy less, but we still try to keep it fresh!

  24. Tammy Donaldson says

    Hip hip hooray! I am so glad that there is a health minded grocery coming to Centerville! We love to shop local and are big fans of organic farming. I am a long distance runner and my husband is an avid mt. biker and we appreciate whole healthy food that keeps us active. We are also trying to develop good habits for our 5 yr old daughter. Having a place like Earth Fare can only help with that. I am really excited to check out the new store!

  25. Cindy says

    Dayton is a good community to be the recipient of this Earth Fare store. Can’t wait to go see all the goodies. Love to fix, cook and especially eat
    fresh food. So many recipes so little time. I will definitely be there!

  26. Jerry Kilgore says

    After forty plus years on this earth I became aware of a better way. A way that involved sprouts, grass fed meats, food based supplements and more. Of course to my wife and kids the idea of evolving our lifestyle was somewhat of a foreign language. Slowly the idea of this healthier fare is permeating throughout our household. Organic foods choices, non chemical laden shampoos and deodorants, along with green cleaning products require an outlet to purchase such items. These high quality products are usually not found in a conventional grocery store. So the quest to find alternative sources that sell high quality merchandise at reasonable prices has been a challenge… until now. With the arrival of Earth Fare in Dayton, we now have a great place to meet all of our healthy food and lifestyle needs. What better incentive for my family to experience all the benefits of Earth Fare than to use a fifty dollar gift card purchasing it fantastic products?

  27. Kimberly Marts says

    I have been waiting for a long time for Dayton to get a grocery store that is concerned about the quality of food that it sells to its customers. I can’t tell you how surprised and happy I was to see your store on my trip to South Dayton this morning. The samples I tried were delicious and everything was so beautifully showcased and displayed. I have shopped in your stores @ Asheville, NC and Boone, NC often as I am in North Carolina every month. So looking forward to shopping at your store in the future.

  28. Kimberly Marts says

    P.S. I forgot to add on my last post that I would love to have a $50 gift certificate to use in purchasing some of your items to have a holiday party I’m planning this year.

    Kimberly Marts

  29. Teresa says

    Saw the article in today’s paper. So excited to look around EarthFare, in today’s economy very difficult to shop for a family of gluten and dairy sensitivities and still try to balance the budget. Children with chronic illnesses along with medical expenses would love to have a $50 gift card to help with the groceries.

  30. Melonie Ferrell says

    I’m excited to see a healthy alternative in the area and I like that you have local products within 100 miles. It’s nice to see support for our local farmers and I look forward to tasting the freshness of local produce. A $50 gift card would definately put some zing into my recipes. 😉

  31. Sharon Stephens says

    I have been waiting for a grocery store like this to open in Dayton!!! We have so few true choices in life. So why not CHOOSE to fuel our bodies with the most healthy foodsand vitamins available. Free of man-made, lab ingredients! I want my body, and my families bodies, to run as they were developed to run. To be full of health, energy, and vitality, so that we may enjoy life as it was intended to be enjoyed!

  32. carla r jones says

    I will use the $50 gift certificate to make my family heathier by purchasing superfoods such as blueberries,salmon, yogurt etc. As a wise man once said you are what you eat. So in order to be a super person you need superfoods from Earth Fare.

    Carla Jones

    I love your stores concept and the fact that you are an organization with social goals. Thumbs up to you Earth Fare Franchise.

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