Attention Dayton: Win a $50 Shopping Spree!

Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket, is opening our 24th store in Centerville, OH on October 19, 2011!

We are excited to be opening in the Dayton neighborhood, and want to share that excitement with YOU! That’s why we’re giving away FIVE $50 Earth Fare gift cards to FIVE lucky community members.

Come on, who couldn’t use the extra $50 to help with groceries? Plus, it’s your chance to try all of Earth Fare’s healthy and delicious offerings for FREE!

Entering is simple: tell us why you want to win a $50 gift card to Earth Fare, and how you would use the gift card to make your family healthier!

Leave your answer below in our Comments Section, and you might just be one of the five lucky winners. Please note that special consideration will be given to scrumptiously creative entries (or should we say “entrees?”). Only those who are able to pick up their gift cards at Earth Fare Dayton on October 19-22 are eligible.

Good luck!

Contest Details:
– Submit your entry by commenting on this blog post.
– Enter submissions from today until 5:00 pm EST on Sunday, October 16, 2011. Winners will be notified by email on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.
– Eligibility: Winners must reside in the greater Dayton, OH area and be available to pick up the gift card in our new store in person between October 19 and 22, 2011.


  1. Scott M. says

    I’m all about supporting local businesses and especially ones like Earth Fare that also, in turn, support local farmers and artisans. Buy local + Eat healthy! Plus, I’m in walking distance of Earth Fare…so I can take some of my grocery shopping carbon neutral!

    • Kim says

      I’m so looking forward to your arrival to the Dayton area. I live close by, so it will be easy to visit often. I’m excited to have more fresh, healthy, local options to feed my family. Please enter me in the $50.00 shopping spree.

  2. Alicia K. says

    An awesome Centerville location…an eat-in cafe…no high fructose corn syrup…new jobs for the community…local products…it’s a no-brainer…love Earth Fare!

    • says

      Forgot to add what I would do if I won the $50.00 gift card:
      I have been trying to switch over to preparing healthier meals for my family by adding whole grain foods and organic fruits and vegetables, drinking fresh brewed tea instead of diet drinks, and choosing healthier snacks. Like everything else, the price of food has gone up – winning that $50.00 gift card would certainly be put to good use. I can’t wait to see all the healthy foods in your store.

  3. Shana LaShomb says

    I would like to win this $50 gift card becuase I’ve been stalking the website waiting, wanting and wishing for a open date since late spring! I have 2 kids and they love love love to grocery shop with me. We use that time to learn about new foods, count, practice spelling, ect. With this extra $50 I could get them the things they are curious about that are typically outside of my budget. If I won this, you would effectly being giving my children the gift of enabling their curiosity.

  4. says

    I am so excited about this new shopping opportunity! I cook for family’s in the area that are in need and I especially try to cook for family’s that have strict diet needs that many people are afraid of. I am very excited to have a new resource to find those hard ingredients to make an interesting meal even with many restrictions!

    I would love a $50 gift card to try out some foods that I would love to cook with but don’t have the budget to purchases. I have been cooking for a family on the GAPS diet and would like to be able to get them some new and excited foods that fit in their diet plan! Thank you for opening Earth Fare in our area it will be a great help to my family and the family’s I serve.

  5. David says

    I’ve always eaten healthy and bought quality supplements and foods. I had a heart attack on 7/3, and I need to kick them up a notch in order to improve my cholesterol. Hopefully your store will have a lot of healthy alternatives!

  6. Tania S. says

    I would let my six year old son pick out a menu and do the shopping. He absolutely loves to cook and this would be a great opportunity for him to focus on using natural ingredients to create a healthy, well-balanced, and delicious meal. A skill that I have hopefully instilled in him to last a lifetime, especially since he is quite the eater!

  7. Lacie Miller says

    I have been a vegetarian for six months and am working on eating healthier. My family is slowly but surely following suit. Buying healthy things can sometimes get expensive, so this could really help us start off at Earth Fare!

  8. Ken Vallie says

    I’m just excited for Earthfare coming to the Dayton area. I like the thought that I can go into the store and buy ANYTHING with full trust it’s safe for me and my family.

  9. Lynda Terry says

    My husband and I are deeply committed to eating a healthy, mostly plant-based whole grains diet, and currently need to shop at about six different stores – one as far away as Columbus – to get everything we need. We are looking forward to saving time, gas, and money by shopping at EarthFare, which will have it all in one place! What we are looking forward to preparing from our first shopping trip? A big pot of homemade vegetable-bean soup, with my special greens, red cabbage and carrot salad (garnished with diced green onions, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and a hummus-based dressing), warm hunks of gluten-free bread, and baked acorn squash halves filled with apricot preserves. A perfect supper for a cool fall day!

  10. says

    As a vegan family, we’ve been looking forward to Earth Fare opening for a LONG time! With a few health food stores already here (that don’t have many coupons) and a few larger chain stores that have coupons, but a smaller vegan selection, it seems like we’ll have the best of both words with Earth Fare — coupons AND vegan items! The more vegan items we can get our hands on the healthier our family of three will be!

  11. says

    I’m super excited about a grocery store that’s not only close to home, but one that consciously tries to support both local farmers through selling their produce and area organizations through donations. I participated in the Vegan Challenge Dayton in August, and am proud to say that I’m still vegan!

    I’d use the card to purchase whole grains and veggies to make a wide variety of dishes, particularly Indian and Mexican, in the slow cooker. I’ve got a delicious recipe for Aloo Chole (potato chickpea) slow cooker curry…yummy! I’d also purchase fresh fruit, particularly apples and pumpkin this time of year, and make a healthy dessert!

  12. Valerie Strickland says

    I would be so happy to win a $50 because for the past month, I’ve been trying a new recipe every Tuesday night while my fiance is in school. When he comes home I’m always excited for him to try out my new dinners. We buy mostly organic foods and $50 would help me make something extra special and stock my pantry with herbs and spices for future Tuesday dinners!

  13. Amy Cowley says

    This sounds like a great place. I am always looking for healthy ways to eat for my self and my children. Good Luck on your new store!

  14. Julie A. Woolf says

    No hours of label reading to slow us down…
    Good food, good health and good price for the pocket…
    Smiles and joy shopping locally for family of three…
    Helping the world, helping the community, helping you and me…
    Earth fare brings heaven down to terra firma for all to share…
    Combined with our living of reusing, recycling and re-purposing…
    How can anyone say no to such beneficial ways…
    Bring it to me and all of us to help move positively and wonderfully through our days…
    Thank you those that brought this to our town….
    From all of us here we welcome Earth Fare with open excited arms…
    We say yes to it all, abound, abound, abound!

  15. Amie Culberg says

    I’m so excited for a healthy new market to be opening up right around the corner! Can’t wait to come in and see what you’re all about. I love to cook and using really fresh ingredients is important to me and my family. I would use the gift card to get quickly addicted to your store!
    Thanks so much,
    Amie Culberg

  16. says

    I love making organic fruit spreads and other canned goodies for my friends and family. It started as a fun hobby and has now turned into a huge project, making sure my family and friends eat healthier, using less preservatives and unnatural products. I like using local, organic produce and other supplies in my creations. Also, my sister is expecting my first nieces (twins) and I would love to make baby food for them.

  17. Nicole Tuttle says

    My 8 year old son was just diagnosed with celiac disease. We’re learning the new diet regimen and adjusting to the new grocery bills. We’re looking forward to the new earth fare store right down the street! The gift card would be very appreciated!

  18. Kerry Ulery says

    My son has Aspberger’s Syndrome, and 18p- syndrome. I have been reading and researching about different dietary options and how they might help with his schoolwork, behavior and growth. I am stuck right now between needing to be with him, and looking for a job to help fund his numerous therapies. I would LOVE to try some new foods and incorporate a healthier diet for all four of us to enrich and enable our lives! Budget is so tight, and $50 would allow me to go beyond what I already know.

  19. Marygrace Miller says

    I am a Family and Consumer Science teacher and I would use this card to introduce my students to different types of healthy, whole foods available at Earth Fare. Some of my students have not been exposed to foods that taste good and are healthy for you. My family and I live close enough to walk and we are very excited about your new store and what it has to make our meals healthier.

  20. Julie Westwood says

    Now that the Farmer’s Market is coming to a close I’d go on a $50.00 local produce spending spree! Thanks for opening a store in C’Ville!

  21. Barbara Eddy says

    I first noticed your no hfcs campaign, and that’s when I began researching why the hfcs’ were bad; it was after that that my husband and I went through our kitchen and discarded a lot of stuff. We have become much more label conscious. Thank you for that. I also like the fact that you seem to be active in the local community.

  22. Tina says

    $50 might just might feed my teenager son for a day or too. He’ll eat just about anything. My job is to find good healthy food to toss his way when he passes through the kitchen. I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for your store to open so I can buy food for him, his little sister, even us grown-ups.

    I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful healthy goodies you are going to have. I’ve already printed & shared coupons for free stuff!

  23. Cindy L says

    Have been looking forward to your store opening for so long! My family has many food sensitivities and we eat all organic, and local as much as possible. Can’t wait to have a one-stop shop that gives me everything I need to keep my family healthy!

    If I won, I would look forward to purchasing some treats for my husband and kids. They all have sweet teeth :-) and it’s so difficult to find treats that don’t have HFCS, or weird artificial sweeteners. I make all our treats from scratch right now, but life has been very busy lately and so no desserts.

    I would also love to try some new items to give us some variety. Since I have to be so careful about ingredients, I’m limited in what I can fix for meals that won’t cause a reaction in somebody.

    Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to the winners!

  24. Susan says

    Our family has been making more and more healthy choices for the last few years. Often times cost plays into what we eat. I am looking forward to see what your store has to offer.

  25. Melissa Rooney says

    No one can possibly be more excited than I am about your grand opening happening soon!! I’m thrilled to have such a large and lovely health food store so close to me, and all the products from your pictures have only made me more anxious to get in there and shop. Now the only thing I need is that generous and wonderful $50 gift card to aid me in my creative culinary journey! See you on the 19th! =]

  26. Melinda says

    I’m really looking forward to EarthFare opening. So glad you picked the Centerville are for the opening of the store.

  27. Carol says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win gift certificates. Most generous. You should give me one! Why?

    First, I live in the city near downtown, so I’m going to have to drive a ways to get to your store. (Please consider opening a store in the city next!) So a gift card would certainly encourage me to make that drive and walk through your doors the first time.

    Second, my daughter had a baby in July and she’s finally trying to eat healthier. Yay! I’d love to take her shopping and buy the best, healthiest food she can buy, and give my granddaughter a start on conscientious food buying (after she’s done breastfeeding, of course).

    Third, I cook a huge Thanksgiving dinner every year and invite as many people as I can. I’m buying my turkeys from a friend’s farm and slaughtering them myself, but I’d love to supplement that turkey dinner with the freshest, cleanest food I can buy. I’d tell all my guests where I got it too.

    And finally, the best way to eat fresh spinach? Heat half olive oil and half butter in a skillet. Toss in a little chopped garlic. Wash and stem the spinach and toss it in the hot oil for just a minute or so, turning it the whole time. Use lots of spinach because it cooks down. Yum!

  28. nicky moore says

    I love that we are getting another option to grocery shop healthy!! I only wish we had something north of Dayton, there is definitely a market for one up here!! I will continue to travel the distance for healthy options for my family though. I am especially looking forward to the fall opening because cold and flu season is right around the corner and I will be able to ARM myself with the best protection, health.

  29. Kathy says

    Thanks for the chance to win and welcome to the Dayton area. Can’t wait to come your way soon. Loved learning more about you at GearFest—my little guy uses his Earth Fare lunch bag all the time!

  30. Jessica Elliott says

    I have been anticipating the opening of Earth Fare for many months! Having moved from Greenville, SC, 2 years ago, I did all my shopping for my family at the Greenville Earth Fare. I have been telling my friends about your store and how much better it is than Whole Foods. I never have to worry about the quality of your products, and that’s my utmost concern as I feed my two children and husband. Even if I don’t win the gift card, I’ll be at the store on opening day! Can’t wait!

  31. Karen O. says

    I CANNOT wait for a new health food store in the area! My daughter and I have to make the drive all the way to *name should not be mentioned here* in Cincinnati or Columbus in order to load up on our favorite sustainable and organic foods! It’s great to know that a store with integrity will soon be just around the corner!

    Thank you EarthFare!

  32. Leeanna says

    Can’t wait to shop at this new store!! I have 22 month old twins who love to snack! I am always looking for healthy things to give them and I’m sure I will be able to find lots of good choices at your store!

  33. Bruce Chwalek says

    I get really excited about technology – whether it be a “Smart TV” and ipad or an iphone. I love checking out the latest gadgets at Best Buy. Tomorrow (October 13th), I’ll be in line (probably a long one at that) with my sweet wife trying to obtain the latest release of the iphone.
    Next Wednesday, October 19th, we’ll be in another line for something I also get very excited about – wholesome food that tastes good and is good for you! I’ve watched several YouTube videos taken in other Earth Fare stores to get a glimpse of what we can expect – and they look absolutely amazing! How would we spend the $50? After seeing what your deli’s are like in these other stores, I believe I’ll spend most of it right there – won’t even have to move. We’ll be able to try some scrumptious meals and my wife will get a break from cooking and we know that is always good. I do believe we should always share our blessings with others therefore we would take a portion of the $50 and buy a few food items for the Enon Relief Food Bank in our community. Thank you for wanting to share the gift cards with your customers. We wish you success in your new store!

  34. Amy says

    I was driving to a friend’s place tonight when I saw a new sign up in Centerville, and it sounded like it might represent something healthy! I think I’ve heard or seen the name “Earth Fare” before, but I am just learning what products you provide. My husband and I are trying to live on a tight budget yet find ways to eat more whole foods. We just recently watched Food, Inc., which has motivated us even more to be more mindful of what we are consuming. It’s not an easy task when you live in a small apartment and are very limited in the foods you can grow/raise. Having a store a few miles down the road that provides some access to what we cannot grow/raise right now is a great blessing! We are trying to start our little girl off well with a desire for healthy foods! A $50 gift card to your store would assist us in this endeavor!


  35. Dawn Jackson says

    Very excited to have a grocery with healthy food options closer to home. I would love to try more healthy option for my family. The lofation would really help to make it easier.

  36. barbara s says

    Altho you do not have an Earth Fare in my hometown, you do in 2 of my sons’. so I am planning my visit to your Dayton store at the same time as visiting my son and family. I can now get there twice as much :-) happy me!!!! Am working hard at trying to eat healthier and you are my beacon!

  37. says

    I am highly anticipating the opening of the Dayton store because, as
    mentioned by several others, I value supporting a business that
    supports the community in which it’s located. As a small business owner of a triathlon coaching business and active athlete I would greatly
    appreciate the generous $50 gift card for myself, but I know there are
    others who could use it more than me. So, if I’m awarded the gift
    card, I would use it to purchase canned goods for the school in which
    my wife works. They send canned goods and other easy to prepare foods
    home with children over the weekend so they have food to eat.

  38. Abby says

    Last night Emily came to our Mothers of Twins Club meeting and told us all about the amazing alternatives that Earth Fare will be offering!! I am SOOOOOOOO excited because I am always looking for healthy alternatives to feed my toddler twinnies. BUT, the $50 gift card would be all for me!!!!!!!!!! I have a gluten intolerance and would use the gift card to stock up on yummy gluten free goodies!! I have been dying for a new place to find some gluten free food that is actually edible!!

  39. Patty says

    I have been following your website, newsletters and announcements, since I heard the news of the new store in Centerville. We have nothing like this in Dayton, and I am so excited to start shopping. Family dinner nights sound like something my husband and I will enjoy with our granddaughter

  40. Lori Myers says

    I’m a Registered Dietitian, and I have a son with food allergies. So, I’m always looking for ways to keep my family’s meals healthy. Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift certificate. Can’t wait to check out the store!

  41. Mandy Lipsett says

    I am so excited that Earth Fare is opening in Centerville. I shopped at your store in Knoxville TN and loved it. I have three kids and am trying hard to raise them to eat healthy ! My husband is a professional hockey player and is also very healthy!

    I would love to win a gift certificate to your store to start off my shopping there ! :)

  42. Jenny says

    I am so excited to hear EarthFare is opening in Centerville! I have a daughter who lives in Charleston, SC and EarthFare is always one of our first and favorite places to visit, and I always have a list of items for her to bring to Ohio when she comes here. I absolutely love the EF brand Organic Chocolate Coffee Truffles and the Curried Mock Chicken Salad made in the EF deli. Being able to get healthy and local foods nearby is so important to a healthy lifestyle that we strive to maintain. Now there will not be 700 miles of travel between me and my favorite store and all of my friends and neighbors will be able to experience what I’ve been telling them about for years.!

    • Ellen says

      Leave it to me to read the post after I submit a comment….I had breast 5 years ago and began changing my diet always looking for healthy foods. I love to cook and don’t want to limit my choices. Can’t wait to see the interesting food items I find!

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