Together We Will…Eliminate Bleached and Bromated Flour

Just like it does for wine and cheese, the aging process produces better flour.

Naturally aged flour is better for baking and retains more nutritional value. And when allowed to age naturally, flour turns a consistent white color through oxidization. So why is bleached and bromated flour so prevalent? Simple. Using chemicals gets flour and baked products to the market faster, with no extra time or storage needed while waiting for grains to age, which makes the entire process cheaper for manufacturers.

At Earth Fare, we don’t allow bleached or bromated flour in our baked goods, crackers, cereals – not anywhere, in any products, in our stores.

We bet you wouldn’t make a sandwich out of bread that had been dipped in a pool or smeared with acne cream. And yet bleached flour is turned white with exactly those ingredients – chlorine gas or peroxides. Nutrients such as Vitamin E, phosphorus and iron are lost during the bleaching process.

A century ago white bread was considered food for the rich and was actually more expensive. In 1930, Wonder Bread brought white, sliced bread to the masses. Today refined bread made with bleached flour and chemicals dominates the shelves of many conventional supermarkets.

Bromating also involves adding chemicals. Potassium bromate is added to improve elasticity, giving the unaged flour better rising action.

We often worry about food from China and their lax quality standards. China, along with Europe, Canada and the UK have banned the use of peroxides and potassium bromate. In 1991, the state of California did declare potassium bromate a carcinogen and baked goods sold in the state containing bromate have a cancer warning; however, the FDA has not banned the use of these chemicals or the processes of bleaching and bromating flour. So we took it upon ourselves to do the banning.

We think natural ingredients are the best thing since sliced bread. Want to try some of our baked goods for yourself? Start with this coupon good for half off our cookies, brownies, and muffins. It’s only valid through Sunday, 10/16, so be sure to get yours today!




  1. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for this information. I did not know that flour was aged. I have always thought that as soon as your grind your berries they need to be used ASAP. My understanding was that all the nutrients would be lost before long. Something I need to research now so I can have a better understanding.

  2. Sara says

    So if bleached/bromated products are anathema, why don’t you give me 50% off coupons for flour so I can make my own baked goods? Just saying…

  3. Wanda says

    Thanks for the information about bleached and bromated flour. It would be wonderful if you could provide some recipes for making baked goodies with aged nonbleached/bromated flour.

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