Pat’s Fresh Start

Pat’s story (in his own words):

In December 2004, I had a heart attack. I was 54 years old.

I have a family history of diabetes and everything that goes with it. I lost one brother and a sister to heart disease in their 50’s. You think I would have known to take better care of myself with a family history like that. I would say that my health at the present time is fair to good because I don’t take care of myself like I should.

I have recently began (again) to maintain a healthy diet, eat right and hopefully live a long life with my new grandson. I am walking every morning ( a little slow to begin with) but if you come by Park Ridge Hospital you will see me there with my dog Riley (who also needs to lose a few pounds). He enjoys it but runs for the car as soon as he gets tired. Most of the time I put him in the car and walk a little farther, challenging myself to get moving.

My motto since my heart attack has been “keep moving” but I often lose sight of my goals. Thank you.

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  1. Diana James, O.D. says

    Way to go Pat! I met Dr. Neal Barnard. He is the man with the plan for you.
    Check out his many books on nutrition and health, on food and behavior, and he is on YouTube as well. You may hear him on television. He is brilliant and he says because he knows, Big changes make big changes. I followed his recommendations after I met him 3 years ago, because my family history is like yours and so far no meds and good health. Hang in there, it is all about attitude. You can make a big difference with nutrition and exercise.

  2. Laney says

    You hang in there. We r on a very similar journey and I believe a healthy diet and good exercise r worth far more than ppl realize. Good luck

  3. says

    Hi Pat, Have you ever heard of Juice Plus+? I would love for you to go to my web. site an read all the 22 research on see how this can help your heart.You can listen to all the Doctor’s talk & watch the video.Juice Plus+ is a “nutrition bridge” It bridges the “GAP” between what we do eat and what we should eat, 7-13 serving of fruits&veggies everyday.That “GAP” is why we are so sick in this country.Bridging the “GAP’protects us against disease & illness. It also dramatically slows the aging process. It’s peace of mind…. and that is priceless.Nancy@937-608-1770

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