Cheese Talk: Happy Goat Cheese Month!

Did you know that August was National Goat Cheese Month? Yeah, I didn’t either until recently. Who knew?

Most people think of goat cheese as those little cryo-vac logs. Not that there is anything wrong with those. They are simple and versatile, and can go on beet salads and inside chicken breast…and have all sorts of culinary uses.

There is a whole world of Goat cheese out there to explore. Anything from firm, slightly sweet Goat Goudas to mellow Drunken Goat to Goat’s Brie. I say we all celebrate National Goat’s Cheese Month right now and make that our excuse to eat more cheese!

I do have a few goat cheese “crushes” for sure. These are cheeses that make me swoon a little bit, that will make you wish for more, and think about them longingly when they are not around.

Here are my top recommendations for making your first ever Goat Cheese Month Celebration a delicious one:

  • Cypress Grove’s Truffle Tremor: This is Humboldt Fog’s sophisticated cousin. It has all the light, airy texture of Humboldt Fog with the earthiness of black truffles. This is the Glamorous Movie Star of Goat cheese.
  • Capriole’s Juliana: This cheese is made in Southern Indiana by Judy Schad. It’s got farmstead and raw milk and all the things that make a cheese crave worthy. It’s tart and buttery all at once, and has fragrant herbs all around the outside. This is the spunky Tomboy of Goat cheeses
  • Bucheron: It’s From France, the Loire Valley to be exact…I love how it comes in the store, with a bone white fluffy rind. It’s like two cheeses in one…there is a thick, soft oozy ring of soft ripened cheese surrounding a more airy, fluffy goat cheese center.  I sometimes forget about this cheese; then try it and re-proclaim it my favorite. This is the Grand Dame of Goat cheese.

Happy Goat Cheese Month! I’ll take any excuse to eat more cheese!

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