Welcome to the Farm…

Welcome to the Farm…the Idea Farm! Don’t be disappointed if there are no chickens roosting, strawberries growing or tractors plowing because this farm harvests a unique crop: our Team Member’s IDEAS! It is the place where our Team can submit their suggestions to improve Earth Fare for their colleagues and our customers.

From serving dinner rolls at the soup station to Wellness events, the Idea Farm is home to over 1,000 ideas, all reviewed by CEO Jack Murphy.  When Jack gives an idea the “go,” the submitting Team Member gets a $100 BONUS for their idea.

Jack has given the “go” to 72 ideas, including:

  • Barcode cards for the kids meals during Family Dinner Night
  • Soy nuggets on the kids menu
  • Polar Seltzer Water in the Grab ‘n Go
  • Fire-extinguisher training and posters
  • The “Cheese Passport” in Specialty
  • Developing a missing-child safety program (Code Adam)
  • A Heavy Weight Championship Belt for the department with the best weekly sales

As Team Earth Fare, we are all in this together and the Idea Farm is a testament to this culture.

To our customers, each day we strive to be better for you, and we will never settle. To our Team Members, keep those ideas coming!

Implemented Ideas!


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