Make like a banana and SPLIT with this recipe!

The banana split is a classic dessert that’s as American as baseball and baked beans. And what’s more, they’re delicious any time of the year! But traditional banana splits have enough calories to make you afraid to step on the scale afterwards.

Have no fear! There are plenty of ways you can up the nutritional value while not sacrificing the quality that made banana splits famous in the first place: the decadent, mouth-watering taste.

Just remember—the banana split is a serious dessert, so make sure you’re hungry before you start!

• You’ll need 1 banana (of course), but other fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries make excellent toppings.

• Buy natural ice cream. Earth Fare brand ice cream contains no artificial sweeteners, and you’ll be able to taste the improvement. Choose whatever flavor you prefer – one scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry will keep your taste buds on their toes. You can also substitute dairy-free ice cream in your favorite flavor.

• In place of the strawberry topping, use a fresh strawberry puree. Instead of chocolate sauce, use sugar-free hot fudge sauce. In place of pineapple topping, use finely chopped pineapple. Don’t be afraid of these healthy toppings. They’ve got the sweetness of the originals, and your body will thank you after you’re finished!

• A banana split without whipped cream is like a cake without icing—it’s good, but it’s just not the same. Try using a whipped cream made from soy or skim milk, and limit what you put on your banana split to one serving.

• Along with the traditional banana split toppings of crushed walnuts or almonds, try sprinkling granola or crunched up dry cereal on top. It’ll add a nice, satisfying crunch that’ll leave you craving another bite!

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3 Responses to Make like a banana and SPLIT with this recipe!

  1. tammy baker says:

    great food taste great,great values

  2. jbrew says:

    Try this banana recipie too – perfect for summer grilling (alcohol not needed to be delicious)
    1 tblsp butter
    8 oz chocolate
    4 bananas
    2 tblsp rum
    grated nutmeg
    vanilla ice cream
    take four 10 inch squares aluminum foil and brush w/ butter-cut chocolate into small pieces-make a slit lengthwise into the peel of each banana-open just wide enough to insert chocolate pieces into each banana and close up and seal in foil-grill over hot grill for 5 to 10 minutes- remove from grill and drizzle a little rum into each banana-top with nutmeg (optional) serve with ice cream

  3. Lexan says:

    Instead of sugar free chocolate sauce, use a good organic dark chocolate and shave it with a vegetable peeler. This gives you all of the antioxidant benefits of the dark chocolate, all the chocoholic satisfying taste and melt on the tongue goodness, but you can use less and therefore have less calories.

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