Write Our Theme Song: Runner Up!

This October, we asked our Team to “Write Our Theme Song!” We got some amazing submissions, and today we are ready to announce the runner-up.

There is no better way to debut a song than with a music video! Take a tour of the Chattanooga Earth Fare with Team Member and runner-up Will Martin, and meet some of the characters he works with along the way.

At the end of the video, you may wonder Who is Gracie? Gracie is Chattanooga’s Assistant Store Manager. She was training at a different store the week we filmed. Even though she couldn’t be in the music video, Will wanted to give her a special shout-out!

Rock Hill’s winning video debuts next Thursday, so stay tuned!


More Team Member Music Videos:

Charleston’s winning video
Team Tomato ”Walks a Mile” in Her Shoes
The Team Behind the Scenes

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8 Responses to Write Our Theme Song: Runner Up!

  1. John aka Haffy says:

    Hope 1st place from Rockhill,my favorite store, is surely better than the runnerup’s.

  2. Gracie says:

    Thanks for the “shout out” guys! I miss you crazy peeps! There is no store like Chatty!! :) See you very soon!!

  3. James Martone says:

    I just wanted to say I was very disappointed in a recent purchase.

    I have bought the chicken pot pies a number of times. I bought one today that was more expensive than before, but the most disappointing was the contents of the pie. There were very few vegetables and very little chicken I guess I will not be buying these any more. I don;t mint price increase but I do mind the cutting of quality. I hope this does not continue with other products or I will no longer be a customer.

    • earthfare says:


      I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed! Please feel free to always bring back or request a refund on any product that doesn’t meet your standards. We want to make sure anyone who purchases food from us is happy with it. I’m sure the customer service manager at your local Earth Fare would want to hear about how they can do better. Thank you!

  4. Beefcake! says:

    Charleston Store is the best!! Squad 200 all the wayyyyyyy!!! Grocery Dept. is where it’s at!

  5. ILoveLarry's! says:

    What about S.M.?? I thought Chs200 is number 1!!!
    No, seriously I’ll give y’all credit for the contortionists in Wellness. Out of control, Chatty.

  6. Charlotte says:

    this is my favorite video of them all so far! my daughter laughs every time we watch it because he’s in a shopping cart >.<

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