You Win! Local Matters to YOU


First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered our contest! We know why Local matters to us – and know we know that Local matters to you, too!

Our randomly chosen winners were notified by email earlier today. Here are a couple of the winning comments:

JoAnn said “When I see homeless people in my community my reaction is always the same. I give them whatever small amount of change I can spare but I feel frustrated at their plight and frustrated at my own inability to truly help. I always wish that I were truly in a position to help in a larger way by providing them with the jobs that they need. If I could just do that it would make such a difference! Then I always come back down to earth and realize that I can’t. I hate the phrase, ‘I can’t,’ but like many people, I’ve learned to live with it because I thought there wasn’t an alternative.

Recently Earth Fare opened a store in my area. As I browsed the aisles I noticed something. There were locally produced products on the shelf. As I stood in front of the milk case debating about which brand of milk to buy, a man approached with a dolly loaded with jugs of milk. I couldn’t believe it when he told me that he was the dairy farmer who produced the milk that was on his dolly! For me, this was something to be excited about because I hadn’t actually seen the dairy farmer who produced my milk since I was a child 45 years ago and my father drove our family to the dairy to buy fresh milk.

That’s when I realized that I can. I can provide that farmer with the security of knowing that he can continue to grow his business and hire people to help him. Buying his milk becomes a chain reaction of job stability and creation starting with the farmer and trickling down into the community one drop of milk at a time. I can help provide jobs to people who need them!

And all this while sipping a tall, cold glass of local milk!”

Our other winners were Ann, Jaime, Kringles, Denise, Amy Hester, Rae Geoffrey, L.S. Alfredson, Emily Mensch, and Ali Kat.

Again, thanks so much to everyone who took part in this contest. We love hearing what you think, and we love hosting giveaways – so be sure to keep an eye on this blog for your next chance to win!


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    Good to see the dairy farmer can still deliver his products locally and offer them to people in his own community. Kudos to Earthfare for their committment to the local dairy farmers and growers. I do believe we’ll continue to see a trend in this direction as people gravitate back to local everything.

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