Attention Auburn: Earth Fare Is Coming and Wants to Give YOU a $50.00 Shopping Spree!


Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket, is opening our 19th store in Auburn, AL on June 23rd, 2010! We are excited to be opening another store in Alabama, and want to share that excitement with our loyal following in Auburn, AL! So, we will be giving away $50.00 Earth Fare gift cards to FOUR lucky community members.

And, why wouldn’t you want to win? Come on – who couldn’t use the extra $50.00 to help with groceries? Plus, it’s your chance to try all of Earth Fare’s healthy and delicious offerings for FREE! What could be nicer than a nice backyard dinner party where the food is healthy, delicious, AND paid for by Earth Fare?

I know we’ve made the prize sound pretty great, so now it’s your turn: tell us why you want to win a $50.00 gift card to Earth Fare. What would you do with the $50.00?

Share your Earth Fare shopping and/or health success story below in our Comments Section, and you might just be one of the four lucky winners. Please note that special consideration will be given to scrumptiously creative entries. Or, shall we say, “entrees.” Only those who are able to pick up their gift cards at Earth Fare Auburn on June 23 - 25th are eligible.

Good luck!

Contest Details:
- Submit your entry by commenting on this blog post.
- Enter submissions from June 14 – 5:00 pm on June 18th – Winners will be notified on June 18th, 2010.
- Eligibility: Someone from Auburn, AL who is available to pick up the gift card in our new store on June 23 – 25th in person.

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38 Responses to Attention Auburn: Earth Fare Is Coming and Wants to Give YOU a $50.00 Shopping Spree!

  1. Jennifer Gamble says:

    I have been trying to do a diet make-over in general for whole family after realizing that I was getting older and my naturally good metabolism wasn’t so great after two kids and hitting mid-30s. Ha Ha! My husband isn’t convinced. He has decided that whole grain, no HFCS, unproccessed food tastes “bad” or “different” and moans if I buy healthy alternatives. This would give him a chance to come into a store where all he has to select from are healthy alternatives and he can see how great unprocessed/no HFCS can taste (well at least he won’t complain, as he picked the items – LOL). I started couch to 5K after 15+ years of no meaningful exercise and I have started trying to make things from scratch vs. buying pre-made in order to know what we are eating each day. Just doing minimal changes, I can tell a huge difference when I eat something more processed today than before. It is a lifestyle change that we need to make as a family. I am raising two girls, so in this day and age of fad diets and poor body image, I want to make sure they are exposed to healthy food and know that food is good, exercise is good, and eating healthy is how you stay healthy and strong, not some crazy fad diet! The $50 would be a great jump start on our journey of healthy eating!

  2. Brigitta Brunner says:

    I would use a $50 Earth Fare card to buy all the gluten free foods I have been dreaming about since I heard about the store opening! Thank you for the opportunity. Can’t wait for the grand opening!

  3. Amy says:

    I was first introduced to Earth Fare by my brother and sister-in-law in Athens, GA. I was amazed at how dedicated Earth Fare is not just to providing locally grown and organic food, but educating people on organic and healthy living. My first Earth Fare experience inspired me to become more intentional about eating local and organic food. I have been waiting for Earth Fare to open in Auburn since January. I can’t wait!

  4. Cindy Prater says:

    We cannot wait for EarthFare to open here in Auburn! Our entire family is excited about having such a healthy alternative when it comes to planning out and shopping for meals. My husband recently underwent bypass surgery and EarthFare will certainly help us as we transition to a more heart healthy, vegetarian lifestyle. We are looking forward to having a larger selection of organic fare to choose from and will definitely be utilizing the educational programs your store will offer. We’re even planning on bringing the kids with us when we shop, to give them an idea of the healthy (and delicious) food options that will now be available for us. Just having a better selection of fresh, healthy, organic fare is going to bring new flavor to our home and our dinner table! Welcome to Auburn Earth Fare!

    The Prater Family

  5. Katie says:

    I can’t wait to see what all there is at Earth Fare!

  6. Regina Strickland says:

    A $50 gift card would allow me purchase natural health and beauty aids that I would normally have to order online or if I’m lucky to be in another city that has a store that carries them. Right now our choices are limited locally and I look forward to checking out what will be available at our finger tips soon!

  7. Michael Carter says:

    I love that Earth Fare is coming to town. I love organic foods and I love that your company supports local farmers. See you next week!!!

  8. Dora Bankester says:

    Can’t wait for Earth Fare! Can’t wait to have more organic items in Auburn plus another great place for my kiddos to have a good nutriontal meal.

  9. I would buy some wonderful organic produce to make yummy dinners for my 18 month old son, husband and the little girl growing in my belly!

  10. Amanda Yates says:

    I would love to win this gift card so that I can try some of the products that your store offers. I have never been to one of your stores, but I cannot wait until the one in Auburn opens.

  11. Robin Motes says:

    About 8 weeks ago I started a life changing adventure :) I stopped eating meat and lots of dairy products ~ cheese is my last hoorah to say goodbye to! For a healthier family change ~ my son and husband are now only eating organic or all natural *no antibiotics or hormone free meats* and/or dairy products. We are soooooooooooo excited that EarthFare is coming to Auburn!!! I know we will have so many more healthy and fun food options with EarthFare :) :) :) Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!
    If I won one of the $50 gift cards ~ I would purchase some new vegetarian goodies that I have not tried yet! I would love to try Daiya’s cheese :) I would take my family with me on the shopping spree and let them pick out some healthy, yummie goodies also!

  12. Kellie M. Wilson says:

    Excited about the new store! Can’t wait for the opening on the 23rd!

  13. kellie rodman-holley says:

    we LOVE organics and gluten free….. our son is nine and is autistic and eating that way has SOOOOO helped him, along with his meds the food choices we have made have greatly improved his quality of life….there are not too many choices here in auburn for such products so we are so excited and ready for you guys to open.

  14. Ami Tuck says:

    I am SO excited that Earth Fare is coming to Auburn! I’ve been going to the Earth Fare website and dreaming about it for over a year! About 4 months ago, I began clean eating & grocery shopping has been challenging to say the least. I feel the best I’ve ever felt & consider my eating habits to be a lifestyle change and not just a diet. The new Earth Fare will make it so much easier to find healthy, natural, local, & fresh food! No more hours spent reading labels – you guys do that for me & I am so thankful!! I would REALLY love the $50 gift card…because of course, I would spend it :)

  15. Christy Carter says:

    I would love to win the gift card because we are moving from Birmingham, AL to Lafayette, Al. There are not many grocer choices out that far so I will be doing my grocery shopping in Auburn. I have been a big fan of Earth Fare since I lived in Asheville, NC. I have one little girl who is almost 2 and another little girl in the oven. I will be stocking my new pantry and would love to use the gift card to help do it. I want to teach my little girls healty eating/living and shopping at Earth Fare will me. I am so glad you are coming to the area and I know you will do well.

  16. britt cherry says:

    my family is SO excited about earth fare opening! we have been counting down the days. :) we would really love to win the $50 gift card – it would really help us out…kids are expensive lol. my husband and i welcomed our first child silas into the world this past september. we want to teach silas the importance of eating healthy. my husband and i grew up eating typical southern food and it took a toll on our weight lol. in 2007 i became a vegetarian and i dropped alot of weight…since silas was born i’ve lost around 80 lbs. i’m still working on getting my husband to become a vegetarian…we will have to see about that. :) so yay for earth fare! & yay for a healthier lifestyle…we are so thankful your opening in auburn! w00t.

  17. Ethel Conway says:

    As a senior citizen with mutiple problems due to aging and a limited income it would be a godsend to win a $50 gift certificate to Earth Fare. I prepare not only my meals but also some of my sons who has multiple medical problems and needs to eat as healthy as he can. It would help us both tremendously. We both need to learn more about healthy eating and preparing healthier meals.
    Thank you very much for considering me

  18. Troy Johnson says:

    I would use the $50 gift card to pamper my wonderful wife, who learned two years ago that she is allergic to wheat and gluten.

    There aren’t many stores in our region that offer a variety of products for sufferers of celiac, and restaurant waiters tend to look at you as if you’re a circus sideshow freak when you explain you can’t have bread, sauces, gravy, etc.

    If I were to receive a gift card, I would lavish my wife with such gifts as organic produce, organic chicken, rice pasta, gluten-free pizza crusts, gluten-free bread mixes, etc. My joy would come from being able to watch her enjoy tasty gluten-free alternatives to the foods I so often take for granted.

  19. Megan says:

    I moved to Alabama two years ago and actually called around to grocery stores before I moved to make sure I could find tofu and other vegan & gluten-free basics! I’ve been able to get by but Earth Fare will make that much easier. Can’t wait till the big opening!

  20. Mare Farris says:

    So excited that Earth Fare is opening soon! Now I don’t have to wait until I visit my parents in NC to go to Earth Fare anymore and can find quality products and special foods I normally have to order over the internet.

  21. Susan Weiss says:

    I am looking forward to Earth Fare coming to Auburn. Finally a store that carries the healthy food choices for my family! If I win I’ll be spending the gift card to buy hormone and antibiotic free meat.

  22. Matt Laney says:

    I am recently married since February and my wife and I REALLY need to start branching out on the meals…not that she’s a bad cook! (You really are the best, hun.) Since we’re just getting on our feet, it’s risky business to start trying out new recipes and foods. Tight budgets don’t allow for much culinary experimentation. Sure, the dog may like it – but that doesn’t cut it around our household. A $50 gift card would embolden us to step out on a limb and go a little crazy with our menu choices but without the cost of learning how not to cook fresh veggies and meats. It’s a tough lesson to learn :)

  23. Vicky Santos says:

    A $50 gift card from Earth Fare would be used to try new things! Our family is on a budget and we don’t get to experiment with organic foods as much as we’d like. A gift card would afford us the luxury of having healthy food in the house and lead to a healthier approach to grocery shopping!
    Thank you for this opportunity! And welcome to Auburn, Earth Fare! We’re excited that you’re here!

  24. Christine Davis says:

    I am a student at Auburn University and gravitating towards unhealthy diet choices is a constant temptation. However, I was raised in a wonderful home with loving parents who understood the endless benefits of organic gardening and nutritious living. I am thankful Earth Fare is opening in Auburn, so I can continue to purchase the pesticide-free produce, hormone-free meat, and trans-fat-free desserts, that will satisfy both my hunger and my sweet tooth. I would love and greatly appreciate an Earth Fare gift card, which will help me continue to purchase healthy items on a college budget. Thanks Earth Fare!

  25. Katie Mantooth says:

    I just found out that my youngest (of 3) child has food sensitivities to milk, soy, egg whites, wheat, oats, peanuts and chocolate. While chocolate is easy enough to eliminate, I am completely overwhelmed with the prospect of fixing a family meal that allows me to rotate out these foods to learn which ones are actually causing health problems. This $50 would help me explore some healthy and tasty alternatives to specifically increase the health of my two-year-old, and I suspect, we might find that we can all benefit from the natural and healthy options sold there.

  26. Annette Killingsworth says:

    I am very happy that Earth Fare is in Auburn. My husband went through a cancer scare recently. He had major surgery. The doctors recommend a healthy diet for him. I think Earth Fare will help me with that and help the rest of the family. Thanks for coming to Auburn.

  27. Laurin Beard says:

    Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash… my baby is going to turn orange. Tired of alternating green beans and peas. Still introducing foods and looking for new “green” organic foods that my 6 month old chunk (22lbs) would enjoy! The gift certificate would be a great way to get my boy hooked on healthy food since he already loves to eat!

  28. Pam Trau says:

    I will give it to my in-laws who just moved to Auburn. They are 84 and 90 years old and still enjoy cooking healthy foods. Where they lived before they always enjoyed shopping at Whole Foods but haven’t found a store in the Auburn area that compares. I can’t wait to take them shopping to check out the new Earth Fare !!

  29. Jenni Day says:

    With sensitivities to milk, soy, gluten, peanuts and too many others to mention, the $50 would help me purchase some natural and healthy options! Can’t wait until the store opens June 23!

  30. Yvonne Estrade says:

    A healthy, organic food store is the one thing I’ve missed in Auburn. While in New Orleans/Metairie, LA I always shopped at Whole Foods. We will be loyal shoppers of Earth Fare, welcome to Auburn!! You’ve made this wonderful community complete for us now! Welcome.

  31. cindy hillman says:

    I, of course, would use the $50.00 at Earth Fare to start eating a healthy and nutrituous diet plan.

  32. Fain Family says:

    We have a large family (7 children) and eating healthy isn’t always the most economical but it is the best way and one we work towards daily. We consider the addition of Earth Fare to the community a rich addition and will continue to allow us to cook wonderfully delicious meals and snacks while not breaking the budget.

  33. Elizabeth Alexander says:

    I would use the $50 to try fruits and vegetables that my family has yet to try.

  34. Janet Bartlett says:

    Excited to have Earth Fare in Auburn!! I will see you on the 23rd!!

  35. K.M. says:

    So excited about your opening and will shop there regardless of the gift card. However, it would be nice to receive one and be able to pass it on to a family who is less fortunate than mine.

  36. Shannon Donelson says:

    As a college student who strives to live a healthy lifestyle and eat well, it is extremely hard to find healthy foods. Restaurants are a nightmare to a health conscious person and Auburn’s supermarkets are no help either. I find myself having to hunt through stores trying to find organic products and those that have health sections of their stores often price them sky high. I am so excited for Earth Fare to open so I can shop at a store where I know my health needs will be taken care of! Earth Fare is amazing!

  37. Virginia Scott says:

    I would sooooooo love to win this because my father is a insulin-dependent diabetic and he is 78 years old. His feet stay swollen alot although he eats healthy foods. I think it would be a really nice birthday present for him to be able to shop your store for some healthy food choices, AND SUCH.

  38. Kathy Downey says:

    There’s no place else to shop than there. Great products, fresh and organic produce, all the great items under one roof! Would love to win!

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