Attention Huntsville: Earth Fare Is Coming and Wants to Give YOU a $50.00 Shopping Spree!


Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket,  is opening our 18th store in Huntsville, AL on May 12th, 2010!  We are excited to be in Alabama, and want to share that excitement with our loyal following in Huntsville, AL!  So, we will be giving away $50.00 Earth Fare gift cards to FOUR lucky community members.

And, why wouldn’t you want to win?  Come on – who couldn’t use the extra $50.00 to help with groceries? Second, it’s your chance to try all of Earth Fare’s healthy and delicious offerings for FREE!  Third, with the warmer weather and Memorial Day coming up, enjoy a day of grilling ON US! 

Those are just some of our reasons, but now it’s your turn: tell us why you want to win a $50.00 gift card to Earth Fare. What would you do with the $50.00? 

Share your Earth Fare shopping and/or health success story below in our Comments Section, and you might just be one of the four lucky winners.  Please note that special consideration will be given to scrumptiously creative entries. Or, shall we say, “entrees.”  Only those who are able to pick up their gift cards at Earth Fare Huntsville on May 12th – 14th are eligible.

Good luck!

Contest Details:
– Submit your entry by commenting on this blog post
– Enter submissions from May 3rd through May 10th, 2010 – Winners will be notified on May 11th, 2010. 
– Eligibility: Huntsvillian who is available to pick up the gift card in our new store on May 12th – 14th in person.


  1. Abraham M says

    Put my money (or the $50 gift card) where my mouth is !!
    I have been convincing some of my friends to get started on a healthy diet- ditch the sodas, the empty sugar foods, bleached flour, the artificial ingredients, but could not give them a real starting point.
    Earthfare in Huntsville and the $50 gift card giveaway could not have come at a better time. With the gift card, I can put my money where my mouth is – I will give them a chance to look at grocery shopping and food in a whole new light !

  2. Carmen Nebrasky says

    I have recently begun changing the way that our family eats. After reading so much information, I discovered how much “junk” there is in the foods that my children were eating. I have vowed to change our eating habits to eat more veggies (locally grown) and also begin eating organic meat. We watched the movie Food Inc. and this has reaffirmed the lifestyle that we want to live. I also have begun working out a gym to get in shape so that I can enjoy playing with my children without becoming overly winded. So far, I’m down 8 lbs and feel much better already. I have found that just by talking with nutrition with my oldest son, who is 6, that he is encouraged to eat better and make better choices. I have twins that will be 3 soon and don’t want them to even become familiar with the foods that wreak havoc on our bodies. I am looking forward to Earth Fare opening and getting my shop on.

  3. says

    I saw Alicia Silverstone on the Oprah show a while back discussing vegan eating and how much healthier she had become because of the change in her diet. After that, I scoured my town and then the entire North Alabama area for healthier food options. The options are limited, but that did not stop me from traveling over an hour on many occassions just to buy groceries from me and my husband.
    We’re not vegan, not even vegetarian, but we’ve made conscious decisions about what food we put into our bodies – organic if available, no horomone or antibiotic filled meats, fresh, whole foods. But, they are not easy to find!
    With EarthFare opening just an hour from my front porch, I can more easily buy the kinds of foods I want to eat, rather than just buying what the big chain stores tell you to eat!
    Thank you EarthFare and Huntsville for making a change!

  4. says

    We would use a $50 gift card to make a difference in what our daughter, Katie Beth, eats so that she grows up to understand that she can eat well and still enjoy life to the fullest.

    We have changed our whole eating habits since our daughter was born on July 2nd, 2007. My wife and I have seen a big differences in ourselves and we know that it is making a difference in Katie Beth’s life.

  5. Ellen Cohen says

    I am writing this comment to hopefully win the gift card for my mother, who has prepared healthy and delicious meals for me for 19 years! She has done so much for me recently and i know how excited she is about Earth Fare opening up in Huntsville. For mothers day we gave my mother two beautiful tomato plants and a strawberry growing kit, and she is so excited to have fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner! I am a horticulture major at Auburn University and i know how important it is to have fresh ingredients and foods to eat. My mother really deserves to win this gift card because she has been my motivation through my first semester of college, and I cannot think of anyone else in my life that would appreciate an Earth Fare gift card more than her! She is a special lady who deserves the best!!!

  6. says

    I have become a person that is very concern about my health and to find a grocery store that is the only thing that they sell; it would be very helpful to get the things you need. I am very excited and happy the store.


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