Awesome FREE Deals! You Choose What’s Next!

In the “Fast Food Budget Challenge,” Maria mentioned using Earth Fare’s awesome coupons as a way to eat healthy on a budget.  She was not just making a plug – we really love giving out great deals!  If you have not signed up to be on our email list, here is a small sampling of what you have missed:

  • FREE Canvas Tote with purchase
  • FREE Watermelon with any purchase
  • FREE 3 lb bag of Organic Honey Crisp Apples with purchase
  • FREE scoop your own 1 lb Shrimp with 1lb Shrimp purchase
  • Tis the Season with FREE 6″ Poinsettia Plant with purchase
  • FREE $10 Earth Fare Gift Card with purchase of $50 or more
  • FREE 8 oz. pack of Natural Supreme Almonds and 2 FREE Grapefruits
  • FREE 1 lb Chicken Wings with purchase of 1 lb for the Big Day
  • FREE Organic Earth Fare Truffles with any Floral Purchase

Wow, that’s a lot of free stuff!  What are you waiting for?!  Get on our email list by signing up at the bottom of our homepage here.  


We love thinking of free deals, but it’s your turn to choose.  What freebie deal do you want to see next?  


  1. Catherine Mikkola says

    I’m gluten-intolerant and so is one son – Hubby and other son are allergic to corn. So, we prefer coupons for produce, or other things that are less likely to cause allergies.

    Love the coupons! The free coffee was the best! :)

  2. Bob Aycock says

    I love all of the FREE coupons EarthFare sends to my inbox and have certainly taken advantage of these great deals! I voted for the FREE pound of chicken salad with purchase of Panini Bread, mainly for my wife… She likes the chicken salad, but I’ll use the Panini Bread for other sandwiches!

  3. Jess says

    None of the above :) I’ve liked some of the vegan-friendly deals like the almonds and grapefruits and the coffee and granola. A buy one get one free soymilk deal would REALLY make my day!

  4. Cheryl TerHaar says

    Cannot wait to see you open here in H’vill AL!!! I will take some time off from work to be there at your opening :)

  5. Colleen says

    So happy to have a store where I can feel free to shop with my children because everything is healthy and I welcome coupons.

  6. Karen McCabe says

    When you offer a coupon for meat, there should be a vegetarian/vegan option too! Like: free chicken wings OR tofu hotwings, free icecream OR rice dream, etc. Vegetarians/ vegans love earthfare! Don’t forget about us!

  7. Shannon says

    Love the BOGO on the sandwiches or the free pineapple. We eat dinner at Earth Fare once a week when we do our grocery shopping and we loved the free cantaloupe a couple weeks ago. What about some of that Gouda cheese? I’d love to have some of that free! Oh, and I wouldn’t complain if you did the free ice cream again! I do have a question though…Does anyone know why there wasn’t a free coupon email sent out last week? You have no idea how perfect the timing was for Earth Fare opening in Huntsville! I bet I’m there at least 3 times a week!

  8. Kathy Hurley says

    I love the Earth Fare in Rock Hill, SC. One of my favorite items are the wraps. They are delicious!!! My family has tried almost all of them. Thanks for such delicious and healthy food.

  9. Shannon says

    Odd, I never got last week’s. Neither did my co-worker. I got the free watermelon coupon today though. Love it!

  10. says

    I really loved the free deals, and it encouraged me to shop more regularly at Earth Fare. Now, though, it appears as though the free deals have gone away–the last one I received was for the free watermelon, and since I was unable to get to the store before Sunday, I was unable to use that one. It should have been valid for the entire week as they usually are. And now no more free coupons?! What a disappointment :(

  11. Deb says

    Many thanks for the free and other coupons. They sure help out with my grocery budget. Love your store and beautiful food. Ate lunch there the other day and they had prepared some fantastic Indian food–YUM!

  12. joe fike says

    The flys are always bad in the folly road earthfare in charleston.s.c. I noticed the fans at the exits aren’t working. I asked a worker about them and they said they work sometimes and sometimes they don’t. Thought ya’ll might want to check on this. We eat from the hotbar, and it’s very irritating.
    joe fike

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