The Oscars: What Does Food Have to Do With It?


The Oscars are here this weekend!  It’s time to enjoy Oscar Party snacks while celebrating film, watching all the Hollywood stars prance down the red carpet…and, let’s be honest…determine fashion hits/misses. 

The Academy Awards are usually about “Oscar,” the glamour, the stars, and the fashion.  But this year, FOOD takes center stage.  It may be a surprise since stars probably have not eaten all day, but it’s true.  This year, FOOD is on center stage. 

The documentary, Food, Inc., is a nominee for Best Documentary Feature!  Isn’t it awesome that the story of sustainable, healthy, and ethical food gets the spotlight (even if it’s only for 30 seconds) in this star-studded event? 

What is Food, Inc. about?  On the movie’s website, there is a banner that reads, “You’ll never look at dinner the same.”  It’s true.  If you have watched the film, you probably agree.  Believe us.  After watching the film, that Oscar Party snack won’t just be any snack.  After watching the film, you will definitely think about where the snack came from and whether it supports a healthy, sustainable food system or not. 

Trust us…that Oscar Party snack will hold deeper meaning after watching the film.  The documentary covers food issues from genetic engineering, food safety, factory farm worker conditions, farmers’ rights, the inhumane treatment of animals, to much more.  It reveals shocking truths about the industrialized food system and challenges consumers to vote for a safer, healthier and more sustainable system 3 times/day by purchasing sustainable, healthful foods.

Will you be rooting for Food, Inc. to win the Academy Award?   More importantly, how will you vote 3 times/day?




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