The Fast Food Budget Challenge – Part 2 – TIPS

Tips for Stretching A  Dollar at Earth Fare

By Maria DiLalla, Community Relations Coordinator, Raleigh

In Part 1 of The Fast Food Budget Challenge, I showed that it IS possible to enjoy fresh, healthy meals on a budget!   How did I do it?  Below are some tips I follow for stretching a dollar at Earth Fare:

  • Buy pantry staples in bulk
    • Flour, sugar, sea salt, whole grains, herbs & spices are cheap when you buy them in bulk, and you don’t have buy 25 pounds worth of product to get the price break!
  • Re-use foodsget creative! 
    • Stale bread?  Use it for breading eggplant & chicken!
    • Leftover chicken or vegetables?  Throw it into pasta! 
  • Use the same ingredients in multiple recipes for variety:
    • The main ingredients are the same in: Pasta & eggplant parmesan, frittata, and roasted vegetable quinoa
  • Buy whole-wheat products: it keeps you full longer
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons!

Earth Fare gives out awesome deals and it’s easy to build entire meals with them!  Remember the free Rotisserie Chicken with $10 purchase coupon? Buy sweet potatoes & broccoli, and then dessert for $10.00, and then you get your entrée for free! 

So, if someone says it’s not possible to eat healthy on a budget, show them these tips!  How do you stretch your dollar?


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      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the comment and interest in our newsletter! You can sign up at the bottom of our homepage. We cannot nisert your email for you but it will only take a moment! Let us know if you have questions. Thanks!

  1. Ashley says

    Hi, I’m pretty new to shopping at Earth Fare but have been doing so since the store has been putting out awesome freebie coupons! I’ve also found some great booklets in store with store coupons in them. My question is… Does Earth Fare stack coupons? For example, if I have a Stacy’s manufacturer coupon and then Earth Fare puts out their own coupon, can I use them together? Just trying to maximize my savings and I know many stores do this, but some don’t. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Ashley, thank you for yoru question! Our system at the store does not allow stacking of Earth Fare store coupons and vendor coupons. Please note though that the coupon books in our stores include both store and vendor coupons! Thanks!

  2. Jean Hughes says

    I am diabetic and shopping is a big fat Pain. I don’t cook except warming and microwaving and occasionally do a little crockpot or roasting. I have been doing terribly on my low sugar diet and am looking for help. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I am looking for ease of cooking as I am it at my house- except for my cats of course.

  3. Robert Black says

    Fast Food Budget Challenge?

    Eating Fast food is ridiculously expensive. I could cook a whole thanksgiving dinner for significantly cheaper than taking the family out for fast food.

    I still think this is a goog topic though. Many people don’t realize than fast food is actually pretty expensive.


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