Celebrating Vegan Week



 This week on Facebook and Twitter, we have been spotlighting veganism during “vegan week.”  What is veganism anyway?  With so many non-carnivorous diets out there, it can get confusing, so let’s start by clarifying: vegetarianism and veganism are not the same!  

  • Vegetarians: do not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish or animal flesh, but do eat animal by-products like dairy, eggs, and honey
  • Vegans: abstain from eating any meat, eggs, honey, dairy products or processed foods containing animal products or animal-derived ingredients like gelatin; some refrain from eating foods that are made using animal products even though the finished product does not contain any animal products. 

Here’s how we celebrated Vegan Week: 

Do you have a special diet you would like Earth Fare to feature?  Let us know about it and why you want it featured by leaving a comment!


  1. says

    I think some vegan dishes are very tasty. But I refrain from eating processed food as much as possible. It seems like a lot of the “substitute” foods are more processed than the “normal” version. I also try to eat as locally as possible. I am wondering if there are any vegans out there who also eat local or also avoid processed foods? I would love to see some of their recipes.

  2. Maria D says

    Seriously, my favorite item at Earth Fare is the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies! I am not vegan, but they are so yummy & delicious. I am celebrating vegan with with one, or two…ok three Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  3. says

    I just made the Asian Tempeh recipe- it was really good! As long as this is not substituting for anything else in my diet, it is at least a good occasional addition.

  4. Ebeth says

    I follow an alkaline diet….which for the most part means not combining proteins and starch, not eating processed food. The majority of my diet (about 85-90%) is vegetarian with very few animal bi-products…except honey, I have replaced sugar/splenda with honey. This has completely cured my acid reflux, helped me loose 40+ lbs and I haven’t taken any meds in over a year. However when I “mess up” I feel the effects immediately.

  5. VeganDogLover says


    I am a vegan that eats locally grown and abstains from eating processed foods, as much as possible. Even though a vegan diet promotes fruits, veggies, and whole grains, it’s easy to get bogged down into eating processed foods, especially when it comes to meat replacements. I actually consider myself lucky because I don’t like the texture of meat replacements, so it’s not too difficult for me to avoid them.

    If you want to experiment with vegan cooking, there’s an excellent book called Vegan Comfort Food that has an awesome recipe for Mac ‘n Cheese. I love this recipe because it doesn’t call for any vegan cheeses or soymilk, but uses cashews, potatoes, carrots, onions, and spices. The book also has recipes for meals that I couldn’t find in other cookbooks. I consider it a nice “crossover” cookbook with recipes that are a little more familiar to carnists.


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