Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays!


Were you dejected after reading our post about holiday weight gain?  If so, do not despair!  We want everyone to stay on their health journeys through the holidays, so that is what this post is all about: Top 10 Tips for staying healthy during the holidays!  Ready?  Jot these down and you won’t be another holiday weight-gain statistic! 

(1) Create a plan ahead of time!   Sit down and create a schedule that will allow you to maintain your weight and healthy lifestyle.  Schedule work-outs around the days you know you will be busy with family and friends.

(2) Keep moving!  If it’s not possible to fit in your normal work-out routines: fit in half of it, turn on some music while you clean to get you dancin’,  park your car far away, go for a walk with family and friends.  Remember that it’s better to do half of your regular work-out instead of nothing at all!

(3) Indulge once-a-day!  During all the holiday parties and dinners, limit yourself to one small cookie or dessert.  Tell yourself this before so you have a plan!

(4) Don’t show up to that holiday party on an empty stomach!  Eat a piece of fruit, low-fat yogurt, or some veggies before the big holiday dinner or party so you are not starving and ravenous.

(5) Smaller plates please!  If there are appetizers, eat them off a smaller plate so that you will not overeat before the dinner.

(6) Own your choices!  Avoid heavy gravy, dressings, and high-calorie condiments; and try to drink lower-calorie alcoholic drinks (light beer and wine).  If it is a potluck, why not take a veggie tray or something healthier so you know you will have a good choice? 

(7) Saying “no” is okay.  If someone keeps serving you food, it is okay to politely say no.

(8) Focus on socializing!  Take the focus off all the food and desserts and focus on the family and friends.  After all, that’s what the holidays are about! 

(9)  Pack a healthy snack while you shop!  Stick a healthy choice in your bag, so that you are not tempted to make unhealthy, fast food choices.

(10) Relax, enjoy and remember there is a tomorrow.  Enjoy the important parts of the holidays and when it comes to the food, remember that you do not have to eat everything in front of you – there is a tomorrow.

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