How Much Weight Do You Gain During the Holidays?


How much weight do you think you gain during the holiday season?  Many believe they put on an average of five to seven pounds from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.  But studies, including one from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), show that Americans only gain an average of one pound.

Good news, right?  One pound is far less than seven (phew), and how hard could it be to lose one pound?!  Wait…don’t check the good news box so fast…

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development study also found that most adults do not ever lose the one pound they gain!  This weight gain accumulates over time contributing to obesity later on in life.  Obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and even some cancers.

On average, adults gain about 12 pounds per decade (or about one pound per year).  So this means that the added poundage could come from holiday indulgences!

This is not all good news for those who started out the holiday season obese or overweight.  Why?  Because already obese participants in the study tended to gain more than 5 pounds during the holiday season. 

But, do not despair.  You do not have to be another statistic.   You can have your CAKE and eat it too…Just join the rest of the Earth Fare community on the health journey and enjoy a healthy, happy holiday season (you can even have that homemade slice of pie you have been craving).  Try to squeeze in bursts of physical activity when you can during the busy season; enjoy the healthy, natural and organic foods we offer in our stores; and let us know about your successes!  C’mon Earth Fare community, let’s be a force to change the statistics so that one day, we will read all good news – that we not only curbed adulthood obesity, but that festive holidays did not cause weight gain.  Will you join us?

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  1. A. Pitt says

    Just shopped at Earth Fare for the first time today. I will no longer patronize your other two local competitors! I purchased items from your deli and was amazed at their taste, texture, freshness and quality. In the past, other stores deli foods would look good but the taste and quality would not match the looks ….they would end up in the garbage uneaten. We selected your rangefed strip steaks and they were delicious and tender for a change. Your food quality is unparalleled and the selection is vast. Thanks for giving Chattanoogans a superior store in a great location. Adrian

  2. says

    Thank you for the comment, Adrian! We are glad you were able to shop in our store and try how good our food was. It’s amazing how natural and organic can really enhance the taste of food, right? Keep us posted on the other items you try.


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